10 reasons you should never do a Contiki

Is it really Monday again. Already!? We could dread the day or we could look upon it as another opportunity to kick butt and chase our dreams? Today for our Monday Inspiration game we are sharing with you a light-hearted post by one of our wanderers Kate from katevictoriaphotography.com

Kate is a true dreamer, adventurer and loves exploring new places and meeting new faces! Her post ’10 reasons you should never do a Contiki’ is going to make you want to book a flight and jump on board a Contiki bus!

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10 reasons you should never do a Contiki

1. Culture and New Experiences

Firstly you’ll get to travel to amazing new places all over the world. You’ll experience cultures and foods you have only ever dreamed off.

2. Value, Value, Value

You’ll stay at some pretty decent hotels which would be 10x more expensive had you gone Contikiless.

3. Friends For Life

You’ll spend a week or more with 50 new fantastic people that will automatically become your best friends.

4. Expert Knowledge

You’ll have an infamous ‘Tour Manager’ who becomes the front of all knowledge in your life for the next week or so.

5. Sit Back and Relax

You don’t really need to think about anything. The little details are all sorted for you. You just need to make sure you are on the coach on time.

6. Blasts From the Past

Speaking of coaches- COACH GAMES… just when you thought past the age of 16 they were extinct. They’re back and better than ever!

7. Education and Fun

You’ll see some of the best sites during the day and drink far too much in the evenings.

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8. Endless Wanderlust

You’ll get a strange feeling when you realise it’s all over. You’ll not only miss all the places and the people. But you will also miss the person that you are at the current time because you know you’ll never feel this way again.

9. Post Travel Blues

Upon returning home you’ll find yourself so consumed with your trip you’ll spend hours reminiscing, and looking through photos and videos. 6 months later you’ll find yourself writing this list.

10. New You

Life, well it will never be quite the same again.

So what are you waiting for? Go and BOOK A CONTIKI!

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