Vietnam had been high on the Bucketlist for quite some time, mainly because of my love for rice paper rolls? (which I happily enjoyed daily when I was there). While Vietnam is not my favourite country in the world or even Asia, it is extremely beautiful, with great, contrast of mountains and beaches. Rich in history, and that South East Asian kindness that is humbling beyond words.

We flew into Da Nang, headed up north to Hue and Hoi Ann, then travelled to the top of Vietnam to visit Hanoi and sailed around Halong Bay. We then flew to Nha Trang which was my favourite and finished up in Ho Chi Mihn. See below our 20 photos to inspire you to visit Vietnam!

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Halongbay1 hoianlights









Okay now for the fun yum stuff- FOOD








For more mouth-watering Vietnam meals see- “10 Local Dishes not to miss in Vietnam

Tip 1: We were flying in from another Asian country. To fly into Danang was the cheapest. This was a mistake! Pay the extra and fly into Hanoi or one of the other main cities that has lots to do 😐  We accidentally stayed for 4 nights- which was definitely a waste of time!

Tip 2: Do not stress about the obtaining the Vietnam visa!  Just carry a couple of passport photos and apply for your approval letter, you can find more instructions here– we used them and it was a breeze!!

Tip 3: If you like lush greenery and trekking, go to Sapa! I missed it due to time constraints / mistakes and wish I squeezed it in!

It was an action-packed 2 weeks, and an amazing and delicious trip! Stay tuned for our full guide and sample itinerary!
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13 thoughts on “20 photos to inspire you to visit Vietnam

  1. I love Vietnam and totally feel like I didn’t spend enough time there! Your photos are amazing. I’m so hungry right now and the food photos definitely aren’t helping! 🙂

  2. I love the photos, particularly the river and market shots. You felt that 4 days in Danang was too long? I stayed 2 and really didn’t feel ready to leave. You certainly crammed a lot into 2 weeks.

  3. Vietnam ticks all the boxes for me! Food, culture, scenery, excitement, history – all of it. I have yet to visit Vietnam, but definitely see it on my bucket list. I particularly would love to go to Ho Chi Minh City and learn more about the Vietnam war as well.

  4. Vietnam is such a beautiful country. I love the food, scenery and culture. You captured some nice shots here. I do like Hoi An for its World Heritage charm and it’s good idea to stay in Danang if you want to enjoy the beach.

  5. Amazing photos, Kayla! I love the views and the food, and those are two of my favorite things. I’m actually planning on visiting Vietnam for the first time in March 2017, so your post got me really excited.

  6. I had a love/dislike feeling about Asia for a while, but being here the last few years it has really taken my heart. Don’t get me wrong though, I do look forward to when I will walk the cobblestone streets of Europe again but it will be bitter sweet.
    Vietnam is not a beast I have tackled though, this little guide had perfect quick tips, especially about Sapa. This sounds like a must stop for me.

  7. I’m going to Vietnam in March and I can’t be more excited!! I’m going to be visiting Ha Long Bay (along with other cities), too! Your photos are making me so excited (and hungry, haha).

  8. Wow those pictures are incredible. We have been getting to read a lot about Vietnam and its traditional cuisine and these photos are definitely a reason to plan a visit.

  9. I spent a number of years in my childhood living in Vietnam so I have wonderful, very nostalgic memories of Vietnam… and your photos really brought it all back! I too am a MASSIVE fan of rice paper rolls – yum yum yum. Your photos look beautiful!

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