If you are anything like me, its never a case of if you go, it’s where to go next! Every other day I add something new to the ‘bucket list’, but this isn’t just a list with an aim to tick destinations off each year. For me, it’s about delving deeper, about pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone and educating myself on each unique culture!

For our 2017 Bucketlist, I have been inspired by my fellow travel bloggers and influences. Next year, will be a year of great adventure, amazing experiences, immersing into communities and creating content that helps you do the same!  So here are the places we hope to visit in 2017!



Fantastic guides on Iceland from The Blonde Aboard

2. Philippines

3. Sri Lanka

The view from our hotel in #pinnawala ? #srilanka #visitsrilanka #elephants #elephantlove

A photo posted by Sunshine Seeker Travel (@charlotte.dovle) on

The Sunshine Seeker shares “Top 10 things to do in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

4. Oman

Check out Dan’s post for more convincing: “Why you need to travel to Oman ASAP- 10 Reasons + 1 Video

5. Cuba

“27 things you need to know before you visit Cuba”
 thanks to Y Travel Blog

6. Croatia

10 things you must do in Croatia” by World of Wanderlust

7. Outback Australia

Honestly, a dream come true. Been waiting my whole life to see this ?

A photo posted by Nicole Warne (@garypeppergirl) on

Thank Bucketlistly for Budget Tips for Uluru, Ayers Rock

8.  South Africa

Read: More fantastic info on South Africa 

9.  New Zealand


When I didn’t think Wanaka could get any prettier, they let us fly a plane so we could see it from above ? @lakewanakanz #lovewanaka

A photo posted by Nicola Easterby ??✈️ (@polkadotpassport) on

Read: “A guide to road tripping across New Zealand’s South island

10. Montenegro

Ultimate Guide to Montenegro by Dan Flying Solo

11. Peru

Lots of info here if Peru is on your list too!

I have saved the glorious Peru for last for a very special reason! I have teamed up for G Adventures to give you and 3 friends a trip of a lifetime! That’s right you and your mates could be heading to Peru on an all-expenses paid trip, thanks to the #worldofgood campaign! !

“Travel with G Adventures is so much more than a holiday. It’s your opportunity to become part of a global community of curious travellers dedicated to social and economic change in all corners of the world. Choose us and more of your travel dollars stay where you spend them, allowing the people you meet along the way to live healthier, happier lives.”


This post was in collaboration with G Adventures and is sponsored. As always opinions are genuine and words are my own. Love and Light, spirited wanderers <3

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14 thoughts on “Top Countries to visit in 2017: Our Bucketlist

  1. This reminds me I should build a list for 2017 too. It would help narrow done our final year in Asia. There are so many places you mentioned that I can’t wait to see either, especially Croatia! ?

  2. Love this post! I’ve been working on my 2017 bucket list for a while now and this has inspired me to finish it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Will be going to three of your items: Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. The latter is my home country. Thanks for including it in your bucket list!

  4. Glad you included my country, the Philippines in your bucket list. The colors of Cuba makes me want to add that to my list, too. 🙂 Happy travels!

  5. We are probably relocating to Europe next year so all my bucket list items can be found over there. Can’t wait to explore the Mediterranean a bit more and then push my boundaries and maybe go deeper in the Nordic countries as well. We are all very excited!

  6. This is such an amazing list! I hope you make it to all your destinations. My 2017 bucket list is about as long but focuses mostly on Asia. I’ll be going through India, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos & Vietnam before saying goodbye to this continent I’ve called home for the last 3 and a half years!

  7. cool list! I’ve been to most of these places except Iceland and Philippines which are also on my bucket list 🙂

  8. So many of these are on my list as well! Tops would be the Philippines, South Africa and Peru. The more we travel, the longer our list grows, and it’s always good to be inspired and motivated!

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