3 of Our Favourite Pad Thai Recipes

If there is one Thai dish that is loved by foodies around the world it would be Pad Thai. Perhaps it’s because it is the least spicy of all native Thai dishes and perhaps because of the peanuts that lend that added depth to the dish. Then again, perhaps it is because Pad Thai is one amazingly delicious dish!

Dreaming of eating Pad Thai in Thailand? For those foodies who have been wanting to try their hand at making this at home, it really isn’t all that complicated and there are several variations but all quite similar. Whether you choose to add chicken or tofu, it’s good either way, and also without.

Check out these three great Pad Thai recipes to see which one strikes your fancy. Try one or try them all!


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3 of Our Favourite Pad Thai Recipes

1. Tips from The Woks of Life

Because there are so many bits of much-needed information, it is suggested that you visit the Woks of Life website to get their take on what’s missing in most American variations of Pad Thai. For example, in their recipe, they don’t suggest using Chinese or Japanese soy sauce. Did you know that Thai soy sauce tastes nothing like other Asian versions and there are three main types of Thai soy sauce? Then there’s tamarind, which most Westerners aren’t aware of.

In Western recipes, you are likely to find ketchup as an ingredient to add that sweetness Pad Thai is famous for. It’s actually the result of tamarind and sugar and there are two kinds of tamarind available. Sometimes you’ll find tamarind concentrate in a jar and other times you’ll be able to get your hands on tamarind paste, which is suggested by the authors as the better choice of the two. There are bits of pulp that add to the flavor and authenticity of the dish. This recipe calls for marinated chicken strips, so it might be even better to place the marinate in the refrigerator overnight. You can use glass meal prep containers with tight-fitting covers for this. Talk about infused with flavor! Check out their recipe to see for yourselves.

2. A Subtle Difference from Hot Thai Kitchen

Next on our list of Pad Thai recipes to try comes from Hot Thai Kitchens. Many of their ingredients are the same as those used by Woks of Life, with one variation that may prove to be interesting. In the Hot Thai Kitchens’ recipe, you will spot the addition of chai po waan, or preserved daikon radish. They also provide a pretty thorough FAQ section where you might find issues you have experienced when trying your hand at this recipe for the first time. Perhaps you tried other recipes and failed miserably. You might find the answers you are looking for here.

3. Then There’s Recipe Tin Eats

Similar in ingredients to the above two, you’ll notice that there are none of the Western cheats that have circled the internet in recent times. Nagi, a Japanese-born Australian, uses authentic Thai ingredients, and in her photos, you’ll notice loads of chopped peanuts. Pat Thai, is, after all, a dish based on that sweet nutty flavor, so why not go a bit overboard with the nuts? Here again, you’ll also notice the absence of ketchup and the inclusion of tamarind. Since each of these second and third offerings are similar to the recipe from The Woks of Life, you may want to try them all. Each variation is slightly different but similar enough to note the authentic Thai ingredients and procedures.

Try one or try them all but be prepared to be called upon to make them for all your family get-togethers. This will undoubtedly be your go-to party pleaser because it’s an easy and exceptionally delicious dish to prepare.






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