3 Of The Best Laptops To Consider As A Digital Nomad And Freelancer

Living a location-independent lifestyle and travelling the world is not cheap. Whether you are looking for inexpensive ways to travel or ways to save money, the truth remains the same. There’s a myth about digital nomads: productivity is difficult to achieve at times; they make a lot of money; they get to travel endlessly.

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3 Of The Best Laptops To Consider As A Digital Nomad And Freelancer

None of that is completely true. Digital nomads are actually incredibly diverse. Some of us work on the road, and some of us travel only a few weeks of the year. Some succeed, but unfortunately, there are some who fail at living a location-independent lifestyle because it does not work for them. 

Some of us get paid; many can also fall into the space where we have to fight for our money or accept that certain clients won’t pay if it happens to go down that route. The only thing that’s true about all digital nomads is that we look at what it takes to make a side hustle a success, how to work it into your travel, and the perks of not having a boss. 

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We’re talking about our business, which is a side hustle, and especially how it’s been possible to make it work from the road! When you consider all the factors of starting a business as a traveller then you may also want to look at what the best laptop brands are to help make your endeavours work which you can find here.  


The market favourite for many techies within the HP brand is the HP Elite Dragonfly or the HP Envy laptop. They offer high performance and the memory is generally big enough for your professional needs. Extremely lightweight you can carry your laptop anywhere without feeling weighed down.

When you need to work the available processing power that you would work with allows you to handle your work as efficiently as possible without missing a beat. There is great battery power so you can be sure that you are able to work for as long as you need without the computer shutting down on you in the middle of something extremely important.


If you are an apple fan or considering the brand then you should know that you are in safe hands with this option. One of the main concerns with this consideration is the price range, it’s not one of the most affordable brands that are available. The Apple MacBook Pro and Air are two of the main laptop computers that are more popular in the market at the moment.

Buying a laptop with the M1 chip is streamlined to optimize your laptop computing power and brings in many more benefits like increased battery power for one. To make it run faster then you will either want the Apple M1 chip integrated with the laptop or download a tool to help optimize and speed up the operating system.   


Touchscreen laptops take up more battery power in the long term as experts have noted. Within the Samsung range, the best laptops to choose from are the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus, the Chromebook Plus, and the Galaxy Book Ion. The touchscreen option for graphic designers and artists would be the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus. These laptops are lightweight so it is easy to move around on the go and the amazing graphics makes it a great option.  






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