4 of the best honeymoon destinations

For many couples, the honeymoon will be the first opportunity to properly unwind since the beginning of the wedding planning process. Planning a wedding can be an exciting process, and the event itself will probably be the most important day of your life, but there is a lot of stress involved throughout too.

This is why it is so important to indulge yourself with the perfect post-wedding trip. A honeymoon should be a chance to relax, an opportunity to tick somewhere off your travel bucket list, and time just for the two of you to be yourselves.

With that in mind, these are four of the best honeymoon destinations that will put the final touch on your magical wedding day.


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4 of the best honeymoon destinations

The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands offer some of the best beaches in the world and make for a truly perfect spot to lay back, relax, and soak up the sun. But the Caribbean isn’t just about perfect golden sand, azure waters, and swaying palms.

Each island has its own unique character and culture, and there are hundreds of fascinating landscapes and picturesque locations to explore throughout the region.

The British Virgin Islands offer total seclusion and privacy, while somewhere like Jamaica has more vibrancy and excitement to offer. For total indulgence, try Petit St Vincent, a private island small enough to swim around.


There are plenty of delightful honeymoon locations around the Mediterranean, but Greece probably takes the crown. Its amazing history, stunning natural beauty, and mouthwatering cuisine mean that it pretty much has everything you need for the perfect honeymoon.

Santorini with its picture-perfect bleach white houses and blue domes clinging to the mountainside is something of a newlyweds’ favorite, but there are gorgeous spots across the country, from Crete to Mykonos.


This tiny dot of land off the coast of Tanzania, known as the Spice Isle, is a paradise for honeymooners. Silk-soft sands, perfect blue skies, and a range of elegant, sophisticated luxury resorts make this Indian Ocean jewel perfect for a holistic de-stress after the frenetic excitement of the wedding day.

Snorkeling off the beach at tiny Tumbatu Island will provide glimpses of eye catching green sea turtles floating majestically by, and the sea is full of flashes of gold, orange and electric blue tropical fish and coral.

For landlubbers, the tiny, crooked alleyways and lively markets of Stone Town are a wonderful addition to the rest of this exquisite island.


Indonesia’sIndonesia’s combination of exotic appeal, mysterious culture, and effortless luxury make it an appealing option for adventurous honeymooners. Ancient, magical stupas merge with lush, unspoilt landscapes to create a magical backdrop for a vacation, while the endless, stunning islands of the archipelago (over 17,000 in all) provide almost every luxury and experience imaginable.

Scuba dive off the beaches of Gili, or indulge yourselves spa treatments on Bali – Indonesia provides a vacation experience you will never forget.

Bali Itinerary for 10 Days

You deserve to have a special experience on your honeymoon, so make sure you choose somewhere truly amazing to visit! Once you’ve chosen your destination, all you need to do is pack your bags and head to paradise!

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