5 Ideas For Your Romantic Vacation On Nantucket

The dreamy island of Nantucket, MA, is one of the best destinations for the ultimate romantic vacation. It has some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, a uniquely preserved and charming historic infrastructure, and untouched flora and fauna. 

You can book one of the many available houses, or mansions on the island for your stay. There are romantic cottages located on the seaside or in remote and quiet spots, while others are close to the hustle and bustle of town. There are short-term rentals that have all of the amenities of 5-star hotels but with added privacy.

There is a huge variety of things to do and see on this tiny island.

Here are five ideas to add even more romance to your trip to the island of Nantucket.


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Enjoy the scenic Nantucket beaches

The island is known for its clean, wide, and gorgeous beaches, located on the coast of the Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. 


They are free to access and offer stunning ocean views, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Madaket Beach is one of the best spots to enjoy a romantic picnic and watch the sunset because it is on the more remote west coast of Nantucket, and thus is less crowded and has very few buildings to spoil the view.


You can pack a picnic basket and a blanket for your beach date or head off to nearby Millie’s for a romantic dinner for two.


Cisco Beach is another famous beach for couples and for enjoying the dazzling colors of the sunset over the ocean.


If you want to take some gorgeous romantic photos with your loved one, then one of the best beaches to choose from is Steps Beach. It is on the north coast of Nantucket, and the view from the top of the narrow wooden steps that lead to it is stunning. Above this beautiful and secluded beach, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Nantucket Sound, the yachts and boats, the Great Point lighthouse, and the lush green nature.


If you are planning a romantic dinner in one of the nearby fine-dining restaurants after that, remember to book a table for your chosen restaurant ahead of time, especially if your trip is in the peak of the summer season.

Go on a bike tour 

Nantucket is a small island with a superb walking and bike path network to encourage more people and visitors to choose to pedal or walk instead of driving.


In fact, cycling is one of the best ways to get around and enjoy Nantucket’s sights, sounds, and smells.


Many of the rental homes include bikes as amenities for their guests, but there are a lot of inexpensive bike rentals in Nantucket too.


You and your loved one can even rent a tandem bike for an unforgettable ride together to one of the beautiful beaches or sites on the island.


There are some organized bike tours that you can explore together. One of the best ones is the Town view tour, which passes through the historic downtown, the cobblestone streets, the beautiful pre-civil war mansions, and buildings, and covers Steps Beach, Brant Point Lighthouse, the Old Mill, and Lilly Pond.


If you want to take some stunning photos, opt for the Sconset tour, which will take you to the Sconset Bluff Walk with its famous Nantucket cottages with crawling roses up to the roofs, and their unmatched blooming gardens. This pedaling tour also passes by the local cranberry bogs, the Moors of Nantucket, Sesachacha Pond, and Sankaty Head Lighthouse on the east coast of the island. The Sconset bike tour takes at least half a day but will give you a chance to see some of the most beautiful and romantic views on the island.

Sip on a glass of rosé while watching the sunset at Cru

Cru is among the most popular fine dining restaurants in Nantucket. It is known for its unmatched curated wine list, exclusive menu, and raw oyster bar.


If you book a table in advance, you will get a better chance of enjoying a romantic dinner at this gorgeous waterfront eatery or its bar.


Just imagine sipping on some chilled French rosé or another fine beverage of your choice, eating some of the freshest and most delicious oysters, clams, oysters, or other delicacies. At the same time, you get to watch the sun setting over the harbor and all the mega yachts and boats.


You can have all this, top-quality service, and an upscale experience at Cru in Nantucket.


Some of the best dishes to try are the lobster cocktail, chilled lobster roll, and the freshly harvested oysters offered at the raw bar.

Explore the famous lighthouses

Nantucket has been known as the “Little Grey Lady of the Sea” for centuries because of the sudden heavy fog which can fall over and around it at any moment.

This is why the building of its lighthouses was imperative centuries ago.


There are three lighthouses on the island, all of which were built hundreds of years ago and are still functioning.


Brant Point Light is one of the oldest still functioning lighthouse in the country. It is the first building that greets everyone arriving at the harbor. The lighthouse is incredibly romantic and picturesque at sunset or on various occasions when the locals adorn it with flowers or Christmas wreaths and flags.


Sankaty Headlight is one of the prettiest lighthouses, with its iconic red and white stripes and its stunning location on the east coast of Nantucket, right by the romantic village of Siasconset.

Great Point Light is on the island’s northernmost point, which was first built in 1784 and is the most powerful light in New England. This historic lighthouse, also known as Nantucket Light, is located in the beautiful Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Reserve, so getting there is a wonderful and romantic adventure as well.

Enjoy a romantic cruise

One perfect way to spend a romantic evening or day on the island is to get one of the many cruises offered by the local captains.


There is a Sunset Cruise that will take you through the harbor as the sun is setting and as you are enjoying your favorite drinks.


You can also go on a whale-spotting excursion, a fishing tour, or on a lazier and more relaxed cruise around the island with craft cocktails, oysters, other delicious seafood, and even ice cream.


For the perfect and most private date, you can even book a private charter for yourself and your loved one alone.






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