5 reasons to stay in an Airbnb + $55 Airbnb Coupon Credit!

It’s no secret that Airbnb has disrupted the travel industry, they took a risky idea and grew rapidly thanks to a number of strong features and a willing community. I personally love the idea of Airbnb and have been using it for years, I’ve recommended it to family, friends and wanderers,  but I still get questions from people apprehensive about the whole concept and the idea of ‘sleeping in someone else’s bed’!

Don’t get me wrong I love hotels but there are definitely certain instances where it just makes more sense to opt for an Airbnb! You can see the latest coupons and deals from Airbnb on DontPayFull.com. You can save money for Airbnb, shopping, and more using verified coupons from a dedicated discount couponing website. Not only can you save money, but there is the added attraction of going off the beaten tourist track and connecting with local communities!

Other than the whole concept and booking process being incredibly simple there is another huge reason why I love Airbnb! Airbnb allows me to travel around Australia with a dog – yes I get to travel with my beautiful girl Jada!

Embark on your next travel adventure with your pet by booking with a pet-friendly host. Check out pet-friendly listings but ensure to contact the Airbnb host to confirm. Even if the listing is pet-friendly, avoid trouble by telling the host about your plan to bring your furry friend so they can prepare while you find out any restrictions.

Booking and staying in an Airbnb can be rather intimidating your first few times but after you experience the ease of booking, the seamless communication between yourself and the host and range of homes available, Airbnb will become apart of your regular travel planning process! Here are 5 reasons to stay in an Airbnb!


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When choosing an Airbnb you have the option of, ‘entire place or room’. In most cases renting an entire place is often the same price as renting a hotel room. This means you can get a kitchen, bathroom room, living room and bedroom all for the same price as the hotel! This option is great for families who can book a place with multiple bedrooms and even a yard or pool!

Funky little apartments seem to be of abundance on Airbnb! You can often find cute little places with loads of character that perhaps might be lacking in a generic hotel. Look at this little place we recently stayed at in Port Macquarie. It was a small beachside apartment that WAS PET-FRIENDLY and had an industrial/boho feel with concrete floors that were softened by white worldy furnishing and raw wood finishes.

If you haven’t tried Airbnb, you’d be surprised how available spaces can be creative, unique, functional, and versatile. I love the vertical wall garden in a skyrise Airbnb in the heart of Las Vegas. It was unexpected! Solar-powered Airbnb also gives me the inspiration to go green. I’ve seen more environmental efforts grow in time, appealing so much to me. Airbnb hosts continuously upgrade living spaces, adding more modern furniture and appliances to entice more customers. It’s like staying in one of the luxury lodges or hotels! Check out the best amenities of Airbnb below.

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A buffet breakfast might not be apart of the Airbnb deal but when you have a kitchen and are surrounded by local cafes you usually don’t mind. Hosts more often than not seem to go above and beyond for their guests, on multiple occasions we have received a breakfast basket with juice, cereals, bread and other little treats!

You can go to the market and stock up on necessities and store in your kitchen this is great as it saves money on eating out every single meal!  Also, most have a washer and dryer. This may come in handy if you have younger kids, or if you don’t want to bring home a bag of dirty laundry!

During the booking process, you can view what amenities your Airbnb offers, I use a checklist to make sure they have everything I need from them, including free Wi-Fi, linen and towels, parking space and a kitchen.

Depending on where you choose to stay, Airbnb’s can also come with the following, gym (if you have chosen an apartment building), pool, spa, rooftop, patio and then outside of the box stuff like a record player, books or art supplies if you are staying in someones live-in home.

My favourite part of Airbnb though is the fact I can bring my doggy Jada (@jadapuggle)! We often take weekend getaways around Australia and this means Jada can come too! During the search, I can put in pet-friendly and browse through the 100’s of places available for my dates!

Ease of booking

One of the reasons Airbnb has had such success is the ease of the whole booking process! I can search, book and communicate on their phone app that has been designed specifically for usability, with great features and fresh design!

You can download the app here.  And get $40 off your first stay here.

When choosing Airbnb, you have one-on-one communication with the owner from the time you book, until the time you leave. Since the concept is peer-to-peer there is a level of mutual respect and a sense that the host truly wants you not only enjoy your stay in their house but also in their community. The owners are typically very helpful with recommendations, directions, and any information they feel may benefit your entire getaway. Here is a great guide to Airbnb if you haven’t used it before.

Airbnb’s are review based, so before you choose a place you can read about the experiences of fellow travellers. One of my top reason’s for staying in an Airbnb over a hotel is that I feel I’m supporting a small local business. After leaving some Airbnb’s, we feel like we’re leaving friends and vow to return.

Need to change dates or check-in time? You can make specific arrangements with your host all through the app with such ease. The check-in process is usually extremely simple as well. In most of my experiences, the hosts have left a key in a secure lock box and sent through the code before arrival. This is then used again at the end of our stay making the check-out process a breeze!

Editors Tip: Make sure you read ‘7 Differences Between AirBnb and VRBO: A Full Comparison‘ to find which booking platform is best for you.

Being a local

One of my favourite things about staying in an Airbnb is the fact the hosts often offer up local insider tips! These means when exploring a town or city you can go off the beaten track, experience the real area like a local and dine at the best places (that perhaps aren’t number 1 on trip advisor!).

Since a kitchen is usually on the cards, I love being able to check out the local farmer markets, grabbing some fresh produce whilst supporting the local communities is always rewarding!

Because I’ve made connections with a few locals, I’m amazed at how much money I can save. Sometimes, I also receive free stuff from local friend producers. I can also join farmers in picking fresh produce with free taste from vineyards, strawberry fields, and other farms. The experience is authentic and unforgettable.

Airbnb has also released their ‘experiences’ that are hosted by locals! There is a wide variety of tours and events that are suggested to you after booking in a city or town.  The experiences are activities designed and led by inspiring locals. They go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in each host’s unique world. It’s an opportunity for anyone to share their hobbies, skills, or expertise and gain some extra money!


Travelling with a group? Want to know what it is like to stay in a treehouse or boat? Want to live the high life in a penthouse?
The variety of Airbnb is outstanding! There is room for every experience for every type of traveller. Families, groups, couples or solo, whatever the occasion you will find something to suit on Airbnb!

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What is your favourite part of staying in an Airbnb? Comment below!

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