6 Foods That are Healthier Than You Think

 On your wellness journey, chances are you have eliminated several foodstuffs in the belief that they aren’t exactly doing you much good, but if you’ve eliminated any of the following items from your diet, you might want to think again because they are actually pretty healthy for you.


If you’re a real wellness warrior, chances are you know the power of an avocado, but there’s this weird thing where people think they shouldn’t be eating them because they’re “full of fat.” The fact of the matter is, yes, avocados are high in fat, but it’s good fat and it’s accompanied by tons of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which make it a real super food. Avocado on toast anyone?


Speaking of toast, you can eat bread and be healthy. In fact, if you choose sprouted bread or sourdough, you will be doing your body a favor. Sprouted bread is low GI, whole grain, and packed with minerals. While whole grain sourdough is great for gut health. Oh, and it’s better when you bake it yourself, so visit your local bakery suppliers, stock up on flour and get baking. You really can have bread if you want to.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is often maligned, but that’s because so much of the commercially available peanut butter is packed with sugar. Peanuts in themself are very healthy, providing healthy fats and fiber, and these days, there are peanut butter brands that contain nothing but peanuts. If you choose one of these brands, peanut butter is the ultimate healthy, filling snack. I love adding a spoonful to my acai bowls

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White potatoes

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t eat white anything, you may be skeptical but white potatoes really are a nutritional powerhouse. Sure, they won’t release energy slowly like sweet potatoes do, but if you need a quick energy boost, they aren’t actually a bad choice due to the fact they are relatively low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium and loads of other good stuff.


Butter had been demonized for many years but that has recently started to change as it has become increasingly apparent that it isn’t bad for us humans at all. Obviously, it’s very high in calories, so it should be eaten in moderation, but it is much healthier than margarine, and many vegetable oils, and it’s great at helping you absorb fat-soluble vitamins too. Go for grass-fed butter if you want to get the most health benefits..


Chocolate may be an indulgent treat, but it can also be a pretty healthy snack choice too. The key is to choose a bar with a high chocolate content and a low sugar one. That way, you‘ll get all the benefits of the healthy antioxidants and flavonoids contained in the chocolate, without any of the downsides that come with consuming sugar.

Did any of these surprise you? Most people are shocked to find that chocolate and bread can actually be healthy choices although everything in moderation is your best bet! 

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