A Newbie Guide on How to Pick Stylish Bags for Travel

International tourist arrivals reached approximately 1.3 billion in 2023.

Are you one of those who love traveling to new places? And whenever you hear ‘perfect travel companion,’ what instantly comes to mind?

Is it the person you’re jetting off with? That’s one thing for sure. Or perhaps what you’re carrying your belongings in matters a lot to you. Well, it makes sense because a travel bag can be an extension of your personality. Yes, it’s a practical necessity, but it won’t hurt if you also see is as a style statement. Imagine these two awesome elements converging!

Unsure how to pick the right stylish bag? Let’s break down below the essentials of selecting a carrier that perfectly marries fashion and function. Read on to learn more.

Your travel needs

Don’t think about browsing those tempting bag collections just yet. Take a moment to reflect on your travel habits and needs.

What types of trips do you typically take? Your answer will lead you to the perfect bag.

Weekend getaways

A compact and lightweight bag is ideal for short trips. Use a small backpack or a duffel bag. How about a stylish tote bag? A chic-looking sling bag maybe? These are great options, too!

Why are they good options? Well, these weekender bags are easy to carry and won’t weigh you down during quick jaunts to nearby destinations.

Best small travel purse

A small travel purse is also perfect for weekend getaways. And the best travel purse deserves a special mention here.

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Week-long vacations

So you’re packing for a week-long escape… something with a bit more space is what you ought to pick.

A medium-sized suitcase is a good choice. A larger backpack is divine. A spacious duffel bag? Awesome. Make sure that you zero in on something that’s able to accommodate all the essentials (clothes, toiletries, and the like).

Long-term travel

For Americans, the average vacation length is just 4.1 days. But are you planning an extended journey? A durable and well-organized bag is your hero in such situations.

Opt for large, comfortable backpacks for travel with multiple compartments. Another item worth checking out is rolling luggage with a hard side for added protection.

Tailor your bag choice to the duration of your trip for more comfortable and enjoyable travels.


Okay, so we’ve covered trip durations. Let’s talk about the activities you’ll be enjoying in your travel destination next.

City sightseeing

Thinking of doing some urban explorations? A comfortable and secure bag is essential.

Consider a backpack with padded straps for all-day comfort. You might also want to look at chic crossbody bags that keep your belongings close and accessible.

And whether you’re going for a backpack or a crossbody bag, look for something with compartments or water bottle pockets. They’re especially useful when you’re bringing a camera or guidebook.

Beach vacations

Heading to the coast? Opt for a lightweight, water-resistant bag. Travel totes or mesh beach bags will be perfect for your towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good book.

Here’s a fun fact: walking along the beach even for just 20 minutes is some serious mood-booster. Make the most out of it with the right bag.

Adventure travel

Does your itinerary involve hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities? A sturdy backpack with ample storage is the one.

Look for bags boasting features like external attachment points for gear or trekking poles. Your chosen bag should also have waterproof materials and reinforced seams to withstand rugged conditions.

Business trips

A professional who’s always on the go… sounds like you? Sophisticated bags are yours for the taking.

A leather briefcase or a stylish laptop bag exudes professionalism. They’ve also got compartments where your laptop, documents, credit cards, and other work essentials can be safely kept.

Also, for easy maneuverability, especially for long distances, consider a bag with wheels in addition to multiple pockets.

Basically, you need a bag that’s both good looking and functional. It should be something that will support you every step of the way.

Personal style

You might have noticed we keep reiterating that your personal style is a vital element in you finding the right travel bag. Because it’s the truth! Imagine it complementing your outfit; you’ll feel confident and stylish wherever your feet may take you.


What if your style leans towards laid-back and comfortable? A canvas tote and a backpack with a relaxed silhouette might just be what you need. You can also consider a soft-sided duffel bag.

Also, here’s some friendly advice: pick earthy tones or minimalist designs. You won’t ever go wrong with them.


Do you prefer a more polished and sophisticated look instead? A structured leather tote, a sleek hardshell suitcase, or a designer weekender bag exudes elegance.

Just make sure to opt for classic colors like black, brown, or navy. Pay attention to details like gold hardware or embossed logos, too.


Are you a fashion-forward traveler who loves to stay ahead of the curve? A brightly colored backpack could be the one! Or if you’ve got no other plans but showcase your big personality, then a statement-making suitcase with a bold pattern is THAT bag. A trendy fanny pack or belt bag might also be a good fit.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Play with textures, prints, fun colors, and unique designs.

Remember, your travel bag is an accessory that should enhance your overall look and feel. So, pick one that matches your personal style for a great travel experience!

We’ve just journeyed through the ins and outs of choosing the perfect travel bag.

Again, the right choice of bag can be the difference between a great travel experience and one that’s only so-so, which can be a true bummer.

So, assess your travel needs and consider your personal style in the selection process. And remember that the ideal bag is one that harmoniously blends style and functionality!

Ready to start your search? This guide will be your best friend.

Best of luck and enjoy your travel!