Introducing Glamazon App an innovation for the beauty lover that acts as your personal assistant, instantly tracking the nearest salon that offers your treatment at your desired time. Lauren Silvers, 24 years old with a background in PR and beauty is the brains behind Glamazon App. We recently caught up with her to get the low down on the revolutionary idea.



Okay firstly tell us about Glamazon App and why is it a must for the beauty lover?
The Glamazon App is every girl’s beauty PA. It allows you to instantly source, book and pays for your last minute beauty appointments, from the ease and convenience of an app. Glamazon gives the user VIP access into the diaries of the most premium salons in Sydney & Melbourne. Glamazon is a must for the beauty lovers because our partnerships with the best salons in Sydney and Melbourne ensure women receive the best service in the most luxurious atmosphere.

[ctt tweet=”The Glamazon App is every girl’s beauty PA. It allows you to instantly source, book and pay for your last minute beauty appointments, from the ease and convenience of an app.” coverup=”sQo7f”]


We know you have a background in beauty and fashion – what made you venture out in creating an App?
I’ve always had an affinity with beauty and fashion – with the products, the models, the energy and the confidence they inspire. I didn’t necessarily venture out to think up or create an app, but once the idea came to me I made the tough decision to quit my job and execute my vision. I decided to design and produce Glamazon App because I discovered a problem in connecting with salons and realized there was a gap in the market that was preventing the beauty industry from advancing in our tech-driven world that is booming!

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What’s been the biggest challenge so far with Glamazon App?
Wrapping my head around the tech side of things! When we think of apps and technology we are often unaware of a number of hours and precision that is put in to create them. Coming up with the concept is the easy part! Finding a team of tech experts who understand your vision and can execute it is the hard part. I was lucky enough to secure a fantastic tech team who support my vision and get it right every time. Although it did take me 8 months to find them!


What are your ‘can’t live without’ beauty products?

I never leave the house without my Lucas Paw Paw ointment, 
YSL et touché et is perfect for a flawless photo-ready finish
, Kevin Murphy youth serum is a fantastic leave-in treatment to repair split ends and a classic 
Chanel Rouge lipstick, you can never go wrong with a bold statement lip.




Where do you go to relax and re-charge?
I love heading to The Boathouse at Palm Beach for a relaxing Sunday brunch, the food, the people and the atmosphere there make it easy for me to recharge for the week ahead.


What is your best-kept beauty secret?
My best-kept beauty secret would have to be my all-natural homemade face mask that I make once a week from honey, oatmeal and natural yogurt. It’s full of antioxidants that leave the skin looking fresh and clear. In saying that, I make sure I have a facial every 8 weeks. Luminiere in Double Bay do a phenomenal Deep Cleanse facial.




We are interested to see how Glamazon App takes off do you have any new ideas in the making for the App? 
Thank you! The next step for Glamazon is expanding our salon offering to other areas of Sydney and Melbourne before taking it to other states in Australia. We have already been on the receiving end of an amazing international opportunity, which will allow us to do a bit of travel this year!


Don’t wait any longer check out the app here [GET THE APP] or  [BOOK AN APPOINTMENT]

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Your welcome beauties 🙂  xx