Become a Traveling Personal Trainer With This Helpful Advice

If you love to travel then you’ll know just how important your physical and mental health is for helping you stay focused while traveling. Sometimes you might be faced with a steep hike to get to the top of a hill for a beautiful sunset view, other times you might have to carry a heavy bag around for most of the day until you get to your accommodation. Good fitness pays off when you like to travel a lot, which is why many travelers are surprisingly fit, healthy, and in great shape.

But did you know that you can actually take those skills and become a traveling personal trainer? If the idea of exploring the world and teaching others your fitness knowledge sounds fun and exciting, then read on to find out more about this unique career opportunity.

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Finding work can be hard

Depending on how often you plan to stay somewhere, finding work as a travelling personal trainer can be quite difficult. You’ll usually find clients by setting up some kind of website or social media page so that people can follow you. The more exposure you have, the more likely you’ll find clients that want to work with you whenever you visit their country. Alternatively, you can always sign up for a local job board if you plan to stay in a specific country for some time.

Once you’ve built up a good relationship with some of your clients, you can use those networks to help you find more work. This includes offering referral bonuses or even using your social media network to talk about your successes.

Get certified so you have some credentials

It’s important to get certified before you decide to travel so that you have some kind of qualifications to rely on. You can click here to learn a bit more about qualifications, and also gain access to lots of personal training resources that you can use with your clients. If you don’t have credentials, then it’s possible that you won’t be taken seriously unless you have a huge social media following that proves that you are a qualified personal trainer.

In most cases, having something on paper like a certification can be a great way to kickstart your career as a travelling personal trainer.

Consider using the internet to offer virtual services

While a lot of people prefer to meet with their personal trainer in person, you can actually offer virtual or remote personal training services. These are just as effective at helping your clients become fit and healthy and it means you don’t need to restrict yourself to a geographical location. Of course, it’s always possible to take on both types of clients, but it’s entirely up to you if you want the extra source of income or not.

Finding clients online is a bit easier since your location doesn’t restrict you. You’ll need to have a good webcam and an area to provide your personal training services, but this shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you have a decent laptop and some space around you.





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