Best places for a destination wedding in 2022

Is there anything more romantic than a gorgeous destination wedding? There is something so special about choosing an exotic location where you’ll commit your lives to each other. Whether it’s somewhere that you’ve been before, or just a place that you’ve always wanted to visit, a destination wedding can be a great chance to combine your nuptials with a trip of a lifetime.

Unless you’ve got a big budget, these types of weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate, which can suit couples who don’t want a big white wedding. However, this does mean that you need to think about your location carefully, so that as many people as possible from your guest list can attend.

Whilst it’s ultimately your decision, considering how long it will take your guests to get there, where they’ll stay and potential costs can all help inform your final choice. Starting your planning process soon after that classic diamond engagement ring slips onto your finger means that you stand the best chance of securing good deals, so don’t leave it all until the last minute.

Luckily, there are plenty of dreamy places in the world for you to choose from. Here, we round up three to watch in 2022 for starting your own fairytale.


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Best places for a destination wedding in 2022


If you’re looking for a laid-back wedding destination set on paradisiacal stretches of sand, then Hawaii is the one for you. With plenty of activities to keep your guests entertained, such as snorkelling and hikes through the luscious landscapes, you can be sure that this trip will suit all your guests.

There are several different islands for you to choose from, primarily depending on how much travel you want to do. Oahu is the only island with an international airport and a major road system, so if you’re looking for a quick transfer time to your hotel, then this is probably the best bet. However, if you’re after an off-the-beaten path feel (perhaps you’re eloping?) then head to Kauai, which is best known for its unspoilt nature.

San Francisco, California

Foodies, this is one for you. San Francisco’s location means that it hosts the best of the land and the sea, known for its super fresh seafood as well as being surrounded by world-class vineyards. This city would be perfect for a couple that wants to eat quality, tasty food on their wedding day that is a little different from a traditional three course set menu.

For a relaxed vibe, why not find a dry venue that allows you to bring in your own food and drink, and book some local food trucks? Not only will this be a fun change for your guests, but it will also create some great wedding photos. Or, host your reception meal at one of the excellent eateries around the city. San Francisco is a great choice for a fun, modern couple.

Puglia, Italy

If it’s classical romance that you’re craving, then the sun-kissed hills of Puglia in southern Italy are just the place for you. Set your wedding party up in one of the many luxury hotels in the region, or book out a set of classic ‘trulli’ houses, which are dry stone with a conical roof for the authentic Italian experience. With such beautiful and diverse landscapes in this corner of the country, the wedding photos will simply take care of themselves.

If you’re looking to go on honeymoon right after your wedding, Puglia is just across from the Greek Islands, so what better excuse to do a spot of island hopping before heading back to reality?

Bali, Indoensia

Bali has been high on my radar for a destination wedding for years. There’s just something about the tropical vibe mixed with the beauty of the rice fields. Uluwatu has some great venues, sitting pretty of the eastern tip of Bali, you are gifted with some magnificent views of the Indian Ocean, along with the intrigue of the limestone cliffs.

Just a short plan ride from Aus (2 hours from Perth and 5.5 hours from Sydney) Bali is easily one of the best places for a destination wedding in 2022.  Get everyone back to paradise with this chill island. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful so your wedding pictures are sure to impress, take your pick of beaches, soaring mountains and verdant rice terraces. There’s so much to explore, too, from bustling markets to temples. Your guests will be spoilt for choice, although I wouldn’t blame them if they just want to relax with a cocktail in hand at their lux villa whilst they wait for the next available spa appointment.

The best time to plan your wedding in Bali would be April to October as this is not the wet season. Although if you do choose to book during Nov-March make sure your chosen venue has a wet weather plan.

Wanaka, New Zealand

While New Zealand is a hotspot for enthusiast skiers and adrenaline junkies, many couples love to choose New Zealand for their destination wedding due to its snow-capped mountains and surreal natural views! The summer months of December through March boast perfect temperatures, great for an outdoor wedding.

We visited the South Island of New Zealand for a wedding at Rippon Hall in Wanaka that overlooked Lake Wanaka and the Southern Alps. The couple then took off via helicopter to the top of Roys Peak for their wedding photos. It was pure magic.





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