Best things to do in Canggu, Bali

In the blink of an eye, Canggu went from sleepy surf town to Bali‘s busiest neighbourhood!  Situated just north of Seminyak, it’s known as a ‘hipster paradise’ thanks to the digital nomads, surfers and yoga enthusiasts who have made it their base in Bali.

Although it’s been quickly development with cafes and hotels popping up every month the town of Canggu still seems to retains its cool surfer vibe.

Here are the best things to do in Canggu!

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Where to stay in Canggu

Canggu is actually quite big and is split into three major areas; Batu Bolong, Berawa, and Pererenan. Berawa is the furthest from the beach but has a great range of cafes. Batu Bolong is probably the main beach area that also has a lot of cafes and restaurants making it a very popular choice.

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Best things to do in Canggu, Bali

Surf or Learn to Surf

One of the best things to do in Canggu is to surf! Or if you are a novice like me you can learn to surf instead! Batu Belong is perfect for learning to surf with the Bali surf season running from May to September although surfing is possible year-round.

I recently learnt to surf during my retreat at Pineapple House! They offer surf classes in their packages as well as yoga.  I had only surfed once before when I was very young, and although I live minutes from the beach I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to waves, but as soon as I had the leg rope on my ankle and hit the water my angst immediately faded and was replaced by excitement and contentment. This was then turned into immense pride as Sunny pushed me onto my first wave and I rose to my feet and glided along! I was so proud to have gotten up on my very first wave!

There are three well-known surf spots in Canggu:

  • ECHO BEACH- For the more comfortable surfer
  • BATU BELONG- Perfect for learning to surf! Personal recommend Sunny Surf and Stay.

You can also rent a board from most vendors at all beaches.

Pineapple House Bali

Cafe Hop

Canggu is home to some amazing dining options the cafe/coffee scene is pretty spectacular as well, with new cafes opening every 6 months. I have spent countless hours cafe hopping and searching for that strong wifi connection and good coffee us nomads lust over!

Canggu Cafes

Visit the Local Markets

There are many markets in Bali that a great for a look, grabbing a bargain or buying local produce! The best markets in Canggu are hosted on the weekend, I highly recommend staying in Canggu during this time to visit these cute spots!

Have fun at the Beach Clubs

It’s hard to go to Bali and not sip on designer cocktails at the iconic beach clubs! New ones are popping up all the time, and boast killer vibes, good music and bespoke menus to match. Ending the days at with cocktail in hand at sunset is a high priority on every Bali Bucket-list, here are our top picks in Canggu:

Do Daily Yoga

Bali and yoga go hand in hand.  Long before Eat, Pray, Love yogis headed to paradise to spend their days deep in practice connecting with themselves and fellow like-minded spirits. These days there are many healing centres, retreats and fitness clubs offering yoga and meditation for tourists and expats to unwind and find balance amongst the hustle of the streets. We loved our daily sunset yoga at Desa Seni. Or check best yoga retreats in Bali for a more extensive list.

Stay in a Private Villa

I love staying in a private villa when visiting Canggu, especially when visiting in a group or on a romantic vacation. There are many wonderful choices that cater to all types of travellers that are extremely affordable for what they are offering!  From private pool 3 bedroom villas to traditional Balinese style, there is something for everyone. Here are our top picks:

Bali Travel Guide

Day Trip to Tanah Lot Temple

Visiting Tanah Lot Pura(temple) at sunset is a very popular thing to do in Bali, with most tourists opting for a tour or hiring a driver to take them to this iconic location.  Tanah Lot means Land in The Sea,  which is very fitting with its unique offshore settings. Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan, around 11 km away from Canggu.

Party at the Skate Park

Although not a full skatepark, Pretty Poison is a cool hangout that encompasses the spirit of skateboarding. The skateboard bowl itself is actually an old swimming pool, that now draws youthful crowds when the surf at Echo Beach isn’t performing. The venue hosts many events and skate jams, if you love skateboarding culture, music, and drinking, you’ll love Pretty Poison!

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Enjoy a Bintang at Sunset

The local beer in Bali is called Bintang which means star. There is nothing better than after a day in the sun surfing to sit back on Batu Belong Beach and enjoy an ice cold Bintang at sunset! If beer isn’t your cup of tea there are lots of beach bars serving up some pretty innovative cocktails!

things to do in Canggu

Party at La Laguna

La Laguna is a Spanish inspired, boho-chic, gypsy beach club that is located on the shores of Berawa and Batu Belig. On arrival, you are immediately transported to a mystical wonderland with extraordinary decor. Cobbled paths, vintage wooden gypsy caravans and multicoloured furniture with alfresco seating scattered over the garden, leading down to the lagoon and opening out to the expansive Bali shoreline and the famous Bali sunsets. La Laguna also hold big events for you to party at! It is currently undergoing renovations but check back soon for their next event!

Rent a Scooter

During your Bali itinerary, the best way to explore Canggu and beyond is to hire a scooter! Canggu is quite spread out and to get from one end to another by car can take a long time in their crazy traffic!  You can usually rent a scooter for about 60,000 IDR ($6) for a whole day and it will give you so much freedom. If you aren’t comfortable driving a bike you can use GoJek (like Uber) to order someone to take you around for the day.

Be sure to journey down (with caution, Hati Hati) the infamous Canggu shortcut’, that is a narrow ride that cuts through the two main roads of Berawa and greater Batu Belong, driving through the rice paddies. There are many times I have seen cars fall off the edge of this road into the rice paddies so you need to be very careful!

things to do in Canggu
Infamous 'Short Cut' | Canggu

Have a Spa Day

It’s hard to enjoy Bali without indulging in a spa day. There are a lot of spa’s that have started prices that are less than your daily coffee but sometimes that don’t always offer the best service or use the best products. It’s best to go mid-range when choosing a spa knowing you will still be getting a good price but also a great service! In Canggu I can recommend:

Pineapple House Bali

Spot the Canggu Street Art

One thing you will notice in Canggu is the cool street art spread through the town. Aside from the famous piece at Old Mans, there’s plenty of other murals and tags spread all around. They make for a pretty cool background for photos!

things to do in Canggu
Street Art | Canggu

Relax at the Beaches

Although not the prettiest beaches in Bali, the beaches of Canggu are laid back and offer great surf for both beginners and comfortable surfers. There are 2 main beaches Echo Beach and Batu Bolong beach both boasting black sand and beach bars. Sit back, enjoy a drink and watch the surfers or the amazing daily sunsets!

things to do in Canggu
Batu Belong Beach | Canggu

So that’s the best things to do in Canggu! If you have more time to kill check out our Bali Bucket list that has over 50+ things to do in on the island.

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things to do in Canggu
things to do in Canggu





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