Best Camera Gear for Travellers (what I use)

Research has shown that we remember visual images much easier and better than words. We use images to evoke deep inspiration, connection and evolve sacred memories.

Although I am by no means a professional photographer, I adore using this form of creativity to showcase the true beauty of this universe. To help complement my written experiences with beautiful photography.

Every day, I get questions about my what camera I use, for a while on my travels I lugged around a bulky ‘hard to use’ Sony DSLR, I then got sick of that and solely used my iPhone. I finally came to my senses (after maybe 6 months of research) and literally found my dream in a camera. A divine little mirrorless beast! Yep, that’s right I found a magical device that is small, lightweight and doesn’t skimp on quality!

Read on for more of the best Camera Gear for Travellers!



Best Camera Gear for Travellers (what I use)

Main Camera: Lumix G7

After months of research, I upgraded from a Sony DSLR to the Lumix G7. It was a big decision to get a mirrorless Camera as my main shooting device but I have to say this Camera has been the best investment I have ever made!

I was actually introduced to this camera on a press trip by a fellow travel blogger and after more research on the mirrorless devices, I decided it was the way to go. I believe it’s the perfect travel camera because it’s smaller and lighter than a traditional DSLR and shoots both amazing photo and 4K video, in fact, I am able to produce better photos than ever before.

The software by Lumix is one of the features that sold me on this camera, and it still has a lot of functions of a DSLR ie manual focus, interchangeable lenses, create time-lapse, manual shooting modes like aperture and shutter speed.

Main Features I love:
+Large LCD touch screen that flips in all directions
+Wifi so I can easily upload photos from my camera straight to my iPhone
+Ease of use. Can capture beautiful photos very easily!
+4k bursts/ shooting modes
+The size and weight!
+Video mode which I have just started using! You can see some of our videos here.

If you want to learn travel photography- here are some great tips for beginners that will help you take amazing travel photos great tips for beginners that will help you take amazing travel photos!

Lense: Lumix G7

For about 85% of the time, I shoot with the standard 14-45mm lens, which is great. It takes quality shots and is quite small so can be carried around easily. When I am doing product shots, shooting for campaigns or when I want super quality I pop on the 45-150mm lens which is actually amazing!

Action Cam: GoPro

This one has been a favourite and something that always comes in handy! I’ve owned GoPro’s for years, they are so easy to use, so small to pack and also create cool shots thanks to the fish lens. I use my GoPro action-oriented activities like hikes and for underwater photos and video.

Editors Tip: If you want to take underwater shots check out ‘The Best Dive Cameras for 2020′

Quick Cam: Iphone

I love the photos Iphone takes which is handy because there are photo op times and you just don’t have your camera on you! Usually I edit iPhone photos with  Afterlight and VSCO cam and I find the Instagram editing quite useful as well!

Tripod: Inca

Depending on the type of travel and reason a tripod isn’t always necessary. But if you are going to get one its best not to just got for the cheapest and lightest- after all it is carrying your baby!

Camera Bag:

I searched long and hard for this one! Everything I kept coming across was so tacky and really unattractive! It wasn’t until a recent trip to America did I come across Lo & Sons!
Seriously check out their website the most practically gorgeous travel bags you will ever find! The ‘Claremont‘ camera bag I have fits all my cameras, an extra lens and has room for extra little things like batteries and memory and an extra back zip pocket for card, money and passport.

Editors Tip: If you don’t want to spend the money try a DIY camera bag!

Other Photography Accessories

*Extra Batteries
*SD Cards
*Adobe (photoshop + lightroom)- I use the creative cloud plan for $60 a month
*External Hard Drive

*Will go into editing in our next post ? Stay tuned!


Mavic Drone
I am pretty sure this one doesn’t need an explanation on why it’s on my wish list!
The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that has all the professionals going gaga.  Cannot wait to get my hands on one!

DJI Osmo
So I need this desperately! The DJI Osmo users advanced technologies specifically designed to keep the camera flat no matter how you move it. I don’t know about you but I have shocking stability and always forget to keep the camera steady when filming! Tthe DJI Osmo helps you record videos seamlessly and has a tonne of other state of the art features! For more info have a read here.

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