Checklist for Your USA Trip

Plan to visit the land of the free and the home of the brave? You are sure of an exciting adventure. But before you get to experience it, you need to prepare for your trip.

The USA is a notoriously difficult country to get to and sometimes to navigate in. So the more effort you put into planning, the smoother it all goes. Let’s have a look at a little checklist of things you need to take into consideration while preparing for a trip to the USA.


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Checklist for Your USA Trip

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Buy Plane Tickets

Once you decide on your travel dates, make sure to book your plane tickets. Booking them in advance will save you a lot of money. Use flight searching websites or apps like Skyscanner to find the best offer. Keep in mind that tickets might be cheaper on certain days of the week. And while on the subject – make sure to organize airport transfers both in the USA and in your home country.

Apply for a Visa

Before you go to America, you need to apply for an ESTA USA visa. This step is crucial because you will be denied entrance if you don’t have it. Since it takes quite some time for your visa application to get approved, find ways to save time while you get your papers and your 2×2 photo-ready. If you don’t want to waste precious hours at some photo studio, learn how to make your 2×2 picture right at home. You’ll have a perfectly compliable image in just a few minutes and save yourself money and trouble.

Book Accommodations

In case you have a friend or a family member you could stay at, happily skip this step. If not, book accommodations in advance to save money. Use popular sites like or to search for the best hotels or apartments in your destination. There you can find options for every budget and all the preferences imaginable.

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Buy Insurance

US medical bills are a stuff of nightmares, so it would be wise to buy travel insurance in your home country. If you take prescription drugs, take enough to last the whole trip. After all, your medicine might not be available in the US or it might be way too expensive.

Take Enough Cash

Especially in smaller bills, like $1 and $5. You’ll need these notes to tip or pay for a cab. Avoid exchanging money at airports as you’d get much worse rates. If you are adamant on using your bank card during your trip, make sure to let your bank know that you’ll be overseas so that your card doesn’t get unexpectedly blocked.

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Plan Your Route

Going to be constantly on the road. Then plan your route way ahead. Find rental places and book a car beforehand. Find the shortest roads to your destinations. Want to travel by bus? Study schedules and routes to build your trip.  

List of Activities

First, do your research on America and the fun activities it offers. Jot down a little list of things to do and try, revise it thoroughly, then settle on the must-do list. Do not try to cram a lot of things into one trip as you might find yourself too tired and overwhelmed to enjoy the sights, people, and food. Make sure to leave at least one day when you could just wander off the beaten path and explore the country like a pioneer.

So this is our no-nonsense checklist of things you need to prepare for your trip to America. All these things might be a bit time-consuming, but if you follow them all you’ll plan yourself an unforgettable trip to the New World.

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