Essential Travel Hacks For Long Flights

Whether your journey is for business or pleasure, you might be susceptible to the stress associated with long flights.

To stay ahead of the crowd, we’ve combined some of the best travel hacks to make your long flight as comfortable as possible. 

While jet lag may come to mind when you think of the challenges long-haul flights can present, there are many others. 

For example, there is dehydration and even boredom to consider. 

The tips in this guide will ensure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore rather than frustrated and tired.


Numbers suggest that 31% of Americans show a greater preference for international travel over domestic travel. 

As such, embarking on a long-haul flight requires strategic planning. 

This way, you can make the experience as smooth as possible.


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1. Take Steps To Prevent Dehydration

The inside of an airplane can be very dry, so staying hydrated can make air travel more comfortable. 

Remember, 20% of your fluid is obtained through foods with high water content, so eating certain foods can also help.

To help you remember to drink sufficient amounts of water, bring a reusable water bottle that you can fill after you pass airport security. 

A facial mist or moisturizer can also help to keep your skin from drying out during your flight. 

Caffeine and alcohol can also cause dehydration, so monitor your intake of both. Nasal sprays with saline can also keep your nasal passages from becoming too dry.

2. Dress For Comfort

Wear loose-fitting clothing when you have a long flight to endure. 

This can make the entire process more comfortable. However, make sure to bring items such as a sweater or scarf, as temperatures in the cabin can fluctuate during the journey. 

Some airlines will also provide blankets, but the quality can vary.

Elements to Consider in the Celebration Plan

Depending on the different aspects of your travel, you can try to include the following elements in your plan.


  • Destination-specific Activities: Different locations will offer you a different experience. If the place you visited has a range of outdoor activities, try to make them part of your plan. 
  • Culinary Adventures: Food is an important part of every travel experience. With so many cultures across the world and even here in Australia, you might want to plan for a food adventure. Pair that up with a beautiful view, and you have a memory that will last you a lifetime. 
  • Meaningful Souvenirs: Getting some trinkets when you’re on your travels might be a good way to commemorate the special occasion. Getting something unique and special, like a handcrafted souvenir, might be a good way to hold on to the feelings of the day.

3. Adjust Your Sleeping Pattern To Avoid Being Jet Lagged

Trying to adjust to a new time zone can be difficult, but there are steps you can take during your journey to cushion the blow when you land. 

For example, if you’re set to arrive at your destination at night, try and stay awake so you can sleep when you arrive at your accommodation. 

If you feel the need to sleep, try and make it a short nap. Should you be arriving early in the morning, then sleeping in the plane can mean you’re ready to face the day ahead upon landing.

You can also adjust your eating patterns based on your time of arrival, but this may be more difficult. 

Airlines will often dictate when meals are served but also dispense snacks between these periods.

4. Bring Snacks

Flying can be stressful, and being hungry as you fly can make things worse. Therefore, it can be very helpful to bring food with you that you can eat whenever you like. 

Long-haul flights often involve food being served, but you may have no say in when said food arrives. 

Being in control of your own eating schedule can aid in making long spells without food more tolerable.

5. Entertainment Essentials

Long flights can feel even longer if you have nothing to keep you occupied. Load up your tablet or e-reader with books, movies, or TV shows before your journey. 

You can enhance the experience by bringing other accessories like headphones.

While you’re downloading your favorite books and movies, remember to protect your personal data with a top VPN service. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about hackers and cybercriminals stealing valuable information from your device.

When you’re getting ready for your upcoming long-haul flight, remember that a little planning goes a long way. 

By staying hydrated, dressing comfortably, adjusting your sleep schedule, packing snacks, and bringing entertainment essentials, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore.





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