Explore the Central Coast- Bouddi National Park

I set myself a few goals this year, and a couple of them was to explore a lot more of Australia and create videos of the adventure! This post nicely combines the two! A few weekends ago (and after 25 years of living on the coast) I finally did the Bouddi National Park coastal walk.

Located on the Central Coast, north of Sydney, the beautiful Bouddi National Park offers spectacular diverse landscapes. Beautiful beaches, cliffs with never-ending views right through to rainforest and wildlife are some of the things on show. We covered only some of the walk, with the round trip coming to maybe 2.5 hours.

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Explore the Central Coast- Bouddi National Park

About Bouddi National Park

The map below shows the different tracks you can take or head over to the National Parks website for more information.

Coastal Walk

Our walk started at the Putty Beach Campground and we finished at Maitland Bay.
There is parking available at the grounds and cost $8 per day per vehicle.
Hot tip: You can park just before you enter the grounds for free.

Here is a short video of our adventure 🙂
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Wearing: T-shirt by Glassons, Skirt by Miki Finn, Shoes by Miki Finn

We walk the streets and stumble upon our next traditional stall. A bakery! And one unlike I have ever seen before. It is closed, Dat says the baker has finished for the morning. We open up the doors anyways and then the baker appears out of nowhere. He doesn’t speak English but gives us a demo of the process he uses to bake over 2500 baguettes daily.

Ever wondered how rice noodles are made?

It’s a long process that takes skill and patience. The same method that was used 100’s of years ago is still used today.

Using broken rice the process starts by soaking it in water for up to a day to soften before it is ground up.

The ground rice is then mixed with the tapioca starch for flexibility to create a white paste-like batter. The paste is then heated over a large skillet much like cooking crepes.

Once hardened the sheet is removed and placed on racks for drying. It is then placed on the roof in the sun to dry for a day.  The final step sees the rice paper being put in cutting machine to create the noodles.

There is nothing I like more than a good exploration amongst the locals as they swarm the markets for fresh produce.


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