One of my first steps in planning my next adventure starts with figuring out where to go next! In the past, I have literally spun a globe and jetted off to where my finger landed, in fact, that experience led me on a solo trip to Turkey which to date is still my richest and most memorable travel expedition! These days though I am a little more strategic in my planning process! Being a travel blogger I often read other travel blogs to get not only great and helpful tips but initial inspiration! My lovely friend Aubrey from The Love Assembly has inspired my next trip to the Philippines and my main man Daniel from Dan flying Solo has prompted me to book flights next year to Sri Lanka!
Below are a list of my favourite travel blogs and personal inspirations for both travelling and living a life outside of our comfort zones and daily routines! I hope they inspire you too :)!

My Favourite Travel Blogs

The Love Assembly
Aubrey is the creator of Australian the wanderlust space  The Love Assembly – a travel, style and life inspiration blog dedicated to inspiring and motivating young women to live a more creative and curious life. The Love Assembly is the art of designing a life you love—through travel adventures and creative living.  Aubrey spends her time exploring, writing and taking photographs! She has also partnered with Condé Nast Traveler to be its first Australia travel blogger!

Favourite Post- “5 tips for Island Hopping El Nido



favourite travel blogsfavourite travel blogs

Dan Flying Solo
Daniel originally from England has now visited 50+ countries and aims to share the best travel tips, stories and guides on his blog Dan Flying Solo. His website is so aesthetically pleasing I often find myself browsing through for hours, not to mention the QUALITY in everything he delivers! He has partnered with Sky Scanner and Lonely Planet and his blog post always delve that little bit deeper like this post, and leave you wanting more!

Favourite Posts:
+Sri Lanka Travel Guide & Kandy to Ella Train Review
+49 Reasons to Visit Indonesia
+ Animal Vs Tourist: Responsible Tourism

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favourite travel blogs

favourite travel blogs

The Blonde Aboard
Kiersten is  a California native, who left her corporate career to be a world traveller. Since then she has experienced over 50 countries and her hugely successful travel blog The Blonde Aboard is inspiring hundreds of people to do the same!

Favourite Posts:
+The Ultimate Cape Town Travel Guide
+The Best Time To Go To Iceland

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favourite travel blogsfavourite travel blogs


Little Grey Box
Little Grey Box is one of Australia’s top travel blogs, inspiring big adventures with a very relatable and funny frontman (woman).  Phoebe is a travel writer and blogger with a love for storytelling and capturing dreamy photos, she is also witty which makes reading her content and watching her videos extremely entertaining!

Favourite Posts:
+Everything you need to know About Visiting Komodo Island
+22 Things to Know Before Visiting the Philippines 

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favourite travel blogs


The Bucketlist Family
My favourite family ever. This adorable foursome also known as The Bucketlist Family sold everything they own to travel world! Each week they upload a new video of a different destination which oozes cuteness and inspiration!

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favourite travel blogs

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Polkadot Passport
Nicola Easterby is a  22 year-old Aussie with an addiction to photography, adrenaline, and travelling! She embarked on her first solo trip to Europe at the age of 19 and it’s safe to say she has never looked back! She now runs Polkadot Passport which she describes as a source of travel inspiration and information for adventurous souls.

Favourite Post:
A Guide to Roadtripping Across NZ 
+ Bali Destination Guide: Ubud

Blog | Instagram

favourite travel blogs

favourite travel blogs

Rebel & Roam

Another dear friend of mine; Shanny lives aboard on the tropical Island of Niue!
“I want to live in a world where plane tickets are cheap, visas never expire, hangovers don’t exist, and the next adventure is always just around the corner.”

She makes a living working as a teacher and is an extremely talented freelance writer for Cheapflights, Mamamia, and many other publications! My favourite post of hers is a recent one but extremely relevant- you can view it here .

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The Sunshine Seeker

Charlotte is a graphic designer from Norway! I first fell in love with her blog because of theamazing photos! Her content is to the point and very helpful! I have been lusting over all her posts from Sri Lanka!

Favourite Post:
+What to do in Kandy- A Quick Guide
+Gili Islands Guide

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Bucketlistly  by Pete
Pete started BucketListly with a vision of creating a community and a platform for travellers and adventurers like myself to share their life stories to the world and encourage others to live their lives. He has many side projects like this and this but travelling the world is priority!

Favourite Posts:
+ Japan



The Luxe Travellers
 Jill DeConti and her boyfriend Patrick left their jobs in the  USA to fulfill their life-long dreams of traveling the world. Together,they started several online businesses and work all from the ease of their laptops in different destination.

‘I have always felt it a duty of mine to inspire and motivate my friends, family and followers to be confident & follow their dreams. It sounds cliche, but it’s completely true… It’s not until you are truly out of your comfort zone that you really begin to thrive.’

Favourite Posts:
+Ultimate Couples Getaway- New Zeland

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Travel Freak
“Opportunities don’t just present themselves. Opportunities have to be created. I want to help you find the strength and inspiration to cultivate the things you want in life. It’s about passion, persistence, and dedication. It’s about believing in the impossible, and finding adventure in every day of your life.”

Jeremy is the man behind the blog Travel Freak, that helps people  manifest their dreams of traveling the world, by creating compelling and helpful content! Jemery has been traveling the world for the past 6 years and has been featured by Buzzfeed and The New York Times! He has a library of helpful posts! Check out my favourites here and here.

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Every day I discover new amazing blogs, let’s keep adding more to the list. Comment below with your favourite travel blogs!

Love and Light Wanderers xx

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15 thoughts on “My Favourite Travel Blogs!

  1. Beautiful pictures! I think these bloggers are doing a great job with their blogs. My family and I have been traveling for 8 years and we’ve never looked back.

    Keep up the great work here and live unstoppable!

  2. Great compilation of blogs! I obsessively read every blog I can find about a destination as soon as I start planning a trip – you’ve highlighted some great bloggers!

  3. All these blogs are absolutely stunning! I found myself getting lost in the maze of these blogs and the posts and their instagram accounts, I almost forgot what I was doing in the first place! Seems like many of the bloggers you follow are from Australia. That’s awesome! I am not sure how I feel towards my own blog now though after going through all these beautifully designed blogs with magazine like pictures. Duh!

  4. Each one of them is such an inspiration to travel! I loved their Insta feeds as well..such curated pictures…like being in an art gallery!
    Do you have a favourite blogger, who has a regular job, yet travels?

  5. You have a great selection of your favorites and i honestly opened at least one links of them in your blog and they write really interesting blogs.

  6. Thank you for giving me a list of new travel bloggers to follow. I already follow Dan and The blonde abroad. It is nice to keep finding new blogs to read.

  7. What a great list! I love their Instagram feeds as well. My favourite IG eye candy would be taramilktea’s- love the colours and cute food!

  8. Its always great to know new bloggers. Reading their stories is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, loved the photos.

  9. You know, I actually hadn’t heard of any of these! I was looking for some new blogs to read, so I’ll def give these all a try!

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