Finding Your Home Away from Home in London: Neighborhood Guides

London is known for being one of the busiest cities in the world with hundreds of small cities inside it. Deciding where to stay can be challenging if you are not well-versed in the area. To enjoy your stay in London, planning your trip prior and getting the best out of it is important. 

In this blog post, we will discuss finding your home away from home in London without a hustle. This will help you enjoy your stay. So, let’s go straight to it!

Serviced Apartments

When looking for a place to live when you are away from home, staying in serviced apartments in London could be an ideal option for you. These types of accommodation options offer a convenient space where one can relax and enjoy their time. 

Typically, most of their foods are organic and outsourced from the local community. To further enhance their sustainability concept, their room interiors are designed with naturally crafted materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

During their stay, guests can enjoy the peace and calm in the city’s prime areas. Travelers can also easily find their way around, as there is easy access to business centers, cultural attractions, and public transportation. This makes it convenient for family, friends, and travelers to find their way around London.

Covent Garden

This is where people can spend their time in London, especially if they enjoy nature and its surroundings. It is a beautiful garden with alleys, courtyards, and secret areas where one can relax. 

Business areas like the Jubilee Market allow one to purchase different kinds of souvenirs from London, like tea caps, scarves, and postcards. It also harbors the Stanfords for book lovers. All kinds of books are sold here, from novels to research books, journals, and more.


If you would love to explore the beautiful history of London, then Kensington is the place. With the world’s most popular museums, one can never get bored in such a place. Some of the notable museums in this place include:

Victoria and Albert Museum: This is where the world of art lives. There are thousands of galleries to explore and artists to read about. The place also has the world’s oldest carpet, the Ardabil carpet, which is the leading treasure. Admission to this place is free of charge.

Natural History Museum: This museum has several galleries on mammals, human evolution, dinosaurs, and more. Additionally, general admission is free of charge.


Greenwich is located on the banks of the River Thames, allowing one to enjoy the cool breeze. As a newbie in the city of London looking for a place away from home, there are plenty of things to discover in this place. For example, the National Maritime Museum, Old Royal Naval College, Cutty Sark, and many more. You can never run out of things to explore in this area. 

For those who would love to learn more about London’s famous history, this place is a great start, as it harbors several museums for different people. Additionally, for nature lovers, you can enjoy walking along the river banks and watching the birds in the sky.

Notting Hill

This is the most beautiful place in London city covered with rainbow colored houses. For those who love a more vintage atmosphere, this is a home away from home for you. From the cafes, shops, and boutiques, all giving the old classic look. 

There are plenty of things to explore in this area, like taking a walk through St Luke Mews, where London’s richest residents used to hang out. It also has bookstores, stalls, and delicious foods to try. When in London, this place will give you a more serene feeling, and you will never miss home.


Brixton is quite a busy city that favors the more super active people who enjoy the nightlife. It is also one of the best food places, with a variety of foods to choose from in the Caribbean stalls. It could give a foodie quite an unforgettable experience. The Brixton market has a variety of foods like plantain, curry, and gyoza. You can never lack what to eat in this place. 

Additionally, one can visit Brockwell Park, Brixton Village, or Ritzy Cinema to explore a different lifestyle.

King’s Cross and Euston

This is the ideal spot if you want to explore the whole of the UK. It has several cultural havens, museums, shops, and galleries to explore, including the British Library, Bloomsbury Theatre, Gagosian Gallery, and the Wallace Collection. All these are waiting for new eyes to see them. 

You can also walk through the streets of Coal Drops Yard to explore the shops in this area and get yourself a souvenir from your trip. For movie lovers, you can check out the Curzon Bloomsbury to watch any of the latest movies in the cinema.

Choosing the right neighborhood while in London can make exploring different cities and new places smoother. There are a variety of places to check out during your stay in London, including restaurants, cinemas, museums, and shops. Consider areas with easy access to public transport, restaurants, and shops for easy navigation. 

London has a lot in store for everyone, depending on your tastes and preferences. All you need is to prepare early so that you have everything at your disposal.