Gifts To Brighten Someone’s Day During Or After Lockdown

Gifting can be a beautiful means of expressing your appreciation and sometimes love for a person. However, the type of gift you buy, as well as how you wrap it and give it, can mean many different things. There are all kinds of ways to read into a gift, but sometimes, you don’t have to read that deeply into it. Sometimes, you can gift someone, not for any particular purpose, or for any celebration, but to cheer them up and remind them that you’re there and you care about them. After eighteen months of Covid ripping through communities and lockdown pausing life for almost everyone who experienced it to some degree, this kind of loving token can mean more than you know.

It’s important to think about gifts that are appropriate for those you’re gifting. But a gift you provide someone for the purpose of putting a smile on their face can be different to something targeted and for a specific purpose, such as a romantic present. Depending on your tastes and the tastes of the person you’ve decided to gift, this can differ dramatically. One thing is for certain, the element of surprise and fellow feeling can do most of the work here:


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A Beautiful Hamper

A beautiful hamper filled with goodies from reliable brands like Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts bring with them just enough of everything, and high-quality ingredients, to make sure that there are at least a few things your gift recipient will truly appreciate.

Furthermore, these hampers are constructed in a manner that showcases an artisanal approach, which can show that you’ve put thought into the gift. It’s an experience that the person who receives it will have to slowly unwrap and appreciate, no doubt feeling more than grateful for how you thought of them like this Plus, the craftsmanship of these hampers shows that you’ve found something substantial rather than opting for ‘the easy way out’.


Good stationery is almost always useful. Most people have something resembling a home office, even if that’s a laptop at a kitchen table, and a place of work or somewhere they can write down notes. For that reason, a nice notebook and pen can be a good investment – but make sure that that you go for items that the recipient will actually use.

Only certain people will find any use in being gifted a quill and ink, for example, even though that is, objectively, quite a cool gift. For those who might feel in a slump after lockdown, a new planner and pen to organize their day with could be just the ticket.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a simple gift, but they work well as a more direct purchase than simple cash. Try to go for gift cards for stores that provide an experience, like nice premium clothing stores rather than a digital storefront like iTunes or Google Play. This way, they have their own freedom to enjoy your gift, without you having to define exactly what it is they’ll enjoy.

As with the hamper gift, it could potentially provide them with many different treats depending on what their interests and tastes are at the time. That’s a pretty solid place to start. This way, you can put that smile on their face without necessarily ensuring any strings are tied to it.

With this advice, we hope you can gift those you appreciate, be that a colleague, friend, family member or partner, in order to lift their spirits during and after lockdown.





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