Help Your Health With A Daily Smile

Sometimes we can decide if we smile or not. Other times we can’t help ourselves, and it is an involuntary response to something or someone we love. 

But now, there is a lot of research and evidence that even if you are fake smiling, you can significantly impact your mood, your health, and even those around you. Smiling is inherently good for everyone.

Why might you avoid smiling?

Our smile makes us feel uncomfortable – not because we aren’t happy, but because it makes us self-conscious. A surprising amount of people aren’t happy with their smiles because of the colour of their teeth, how straight they are. 

Both of these are easy fixes; your dental hygienist can offer you advice on keeping your teeth white or performing cleaning for you. At the same time, the misalignment of your teeth can be solved with an at-home aligner from ALIGNERCO

So how does smiling help our health?

Long life

There have been studies that link smiling to living longer. It’s not the smiles you give strangers in passing, though; it is the genuine, intense smiles we give when we are happy, or something gives us joy. 

The real smiles. 

It is suggested that happiness is one of the things that lengthen our lifespan, and since smiling is a large part of how we show happiness, it is all interlinked.

Mood lift

The term fake it ’til you make it can be applied to smiling and your mood. There is a big difference between that sad smile that sometimes happens and forcing a big smile when you don’t feel like it. 

But whether or not your smile is real, the physical act of smiling actually lights up and activates all of the pathways in your brain that can help to influence your emotional state. So if we take on a happy facial expression in the form of a smile, we can help to get your mind to enter a state of happiness.


We are all open to catching coughs, colds and flues. But some studies suggest that smiling can actually help to boost your immune system and therefore help your overall health.

When you smile often, you are more relaxed, or you will be soon, and thanks to that, our bodies get a healthy dose of certain neurotransmitters, and those neurotransmitters help to boost our immune systems.

Pain reduction

If you have ever heard of the term, try to smile through the pain, and there is actually Some Truth in this. Smiling releases serotonin, endorphins, and some of our natural pain-killing hormones. This combination makes us feel great and helps to increase and improve our mood, but they can actually help your body relax and therefore reduce some physical pains.

It’s not just pain reduction, the smiley can help with all of the pain-killing hormones that can also be linked to stress reduction, and when we have stress reduction, we are likely to have lower blood pressure.

And that is just a few of how a daily smile can help improve your health. 

If you’re looking for even more ways to improve your well-being, here is a great post packed with delicious treats to do just that: Delicious, Healthy Foods That Increase Your Wellbeing.





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