How To Be More Adventurous With Food When Travelling

One of the most amazing things about travelling is getting to try different kinds of foods. Every country and region has their own specialities, and you can be sure that it’s going to taste delicious when the locals have been cooking with those ingredients for many, many years. But it’s completely understandable if you feel a bit cautious about trying new kinds of foods.

In fact, there are many people that will stick to regional staples that they’ve tried back at home. Travelling to Vietnam? Then you’re probably looking forward to a hot bowl of pho. Visiting Turkey? Then maybe you’re up for trying their doner kebap.

However, these countries have so much more to offer than just their popular national dishes. There’s a culinary adventure just waiting for you, but how do you convince yourself to try something new? Whether you’re a picky eater or can’t bring yourself to try something a little more exotic, here are a few tips to help you out.

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You can try unique things that you’ve only ever heard of!

Whether it’s cubilose (also known as bird’s nest soup) or the infamous balut egg, some regions of the world are much more accepting of these unique types of foods, meaning they’re a lot easier to find and cooked in the traditional way. Travelling is an experience that allows you to discover interesting and unique things around the world.

Trying out different foods, even just once, helps you expand that experience and make your travels a lot more memorable. You might even find that you enjoy those unique foods, so much so that you might want to return in the future just to get a taste of it once again.

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Connect with locals and try the foods that they recommend

Meeting with locals and hanging out with them is a fantastic way to learn about different kinds of foods and enjoy them in the company of friends. If you’re open to meeting with others while you travel, then it’s the perfect opportunity to sample some local delicacies and learn about all of the different things that people eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This gives you an authentic local experience and can be a lot of fun to experience.

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There are many luxury foods that are cheaper and more accessible in other countries

Some of the foods that you might eat in your home country can be much cheaper and more accessible in other regions. For example, seafood tends to be much cheaper in certain Asian countries because of how close they are to the ocean.

You can try plenty of delicious seafood dishes while travelling through Asia and it’ll cost you a fraction of what you might pay back at home in a restaurant. In fact, it might be so good that you might stop yourself every going to a basic restaurant in your home country when you want to try food from different countries, and it could convince you to explore your options to find a place that can truly replicate the authentic taste you had.





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