How to Keep Up Your Wellness Routine Whilst Travelling

Let’s face it, staying healthy abroad can be quite the challenge. You are exposed to different climates, inconsistent nutrition and lack of sleep, resulting in our normal routine suffering a bit.

This is why I’m sharing my top tips to keep up your wellness routine when you are travelling.

Whether you’re travelling for work or you’re on an indulgent holiday, here are my tips for finding the balance in creating a wellness (but flexible) adventure!

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How to Keep Up Your Wellness Routine Whilst Travelling

Pack your own food when flying

I have always been a snack packer! I love having bliss balls, healthy muesli bars and nut mixes in my bag whenever I’m on the go. 

Recently I have started being more prepared when flying as well. This is due to a couple of reasons, I am huge on reducing my environmental footprint by eliminating the need for single-use plastic. Which is a huge problem in the airline industry! 

And because I don’t really eat animal products or gluten, it’s just easier for me to organise my own food.

Having wholefoods that are high in nutrients when flying also helps with jetlag and overall just feeling fresher when you get off the plane.

2. Take care of your gut

I still indulge and am more flexible with my eating when I’m travelling but I still like to have some consistency. Every morning I have a glass of hot lemon water with cayenne pepper– this helps to clear out the toxins. 

Another non-negotiable when I travel is my Beauty Chef products. I always take their body powder, glow powder and collagen drink with me wherever I go. This means my body is always getting a healthy dose of probiotics, nutrients, protein and antioxidants.

3. Stay Active

When I’m at home I work out five days a week. When I am away I am not as strict but I do try and move every day.  Always having a pair of swimwear with me so I can be ready for a beach walk and swim is a must-do!

If you’re travelling to a new city, I find the best way to explore is by walking! 

You will stumble across new finds and you’ll get your steps up!

Editors Tip: Don’t forget to wind down with some yoga stretches! Here are some yoga quotes to get you inspired.

Noosa coastal walk

4. Keep up with your skincare routine

With already problem skin, jumping on board a flight leaves my skin absolutely hating me! 

Travelling is tiring for the skin, with the lower humidity levels, exposure to different environments, our skin begins to suffer from severe dehydration and discomfort.

I always make sure I drink enough water throughout the day, I take glow beauty chef powder and collagen and I stick to my skincare routine! 

This includes moisture masks during flights, a hydrating oil or night cream and wearing SPF every day!

Pineapple House Bali

5.  Get enough sleep

The best thing you can do to maintain wellness whilst travelling is making sure you’re getting enough sleep. Your body needs adequate rest, especially when we are crossing timezones, lugging heavy luggage and walking for hours at a time.

Eight hours is ideal but if you can’t manage that have some quiet time or meditate during the day to rest and allow your body to recover.

Green Escape Bali

6. Don’t forget the H20

This is a no-brainer! I never travel without my ‘Healthish’ reusable water bottle! 

It has time indicators on the side so I am always prompted to drink at least two litres of water a day. Water is so simple but does your body so much good. Staying hydrated and continuously flushing out toxins can really help you stay on top of your wellness whilst travelling.

7. Stay in an Airbnb

When I’m not travelling for work and I have a say in where I stay, I love choosing an Airbnb over a hotel. There are many benefits, not only can you save money, but there is the added attraction of going off the beaten tourist track and connecting with local communities!

My favourite reason is having access to a kitchen so I can cook some healthy meals at home. This will kick start getting back into a light routine which can help to avoid jet lag. You can go to the market and stock up on necessities and store in your kitchen, saving you money on eating out every single meal!

So that was our wellness travel tips! How do you stay healthy whilst travelling? Let us know in the comments below.

This post was done in collaboration with Cocobella and was oringally published on their website. Ideas, photos and onions as always remain my own.

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