Wanderers, we are back with our blog series “Monday Inspiration”. I have forever been fascinated with artists and their creative mind, the process behind grand projects and the way they eccentricity bring ideas to life. This week our creative inspiration comes right from our hometown, so we are very excited to share this talented soul! Alexandra Farrah is an illustrator and creative, based on the coastal town of Terrigal, NSW, Australia. Alexandra works with watercolours, acrylic, inks, soft pastels, wax crayons, pencils, paper cut, collages to create unique illustrations and artworks.

Alexandra took her art to the markets and this is how ‘Farrah’s Stone’ was created in 2012. Farrah’s Stone is where she creates invitations, logos/branding, custom children portraits and Limited edition prints for her online store and Markets.



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Can you share a bit about your background and what inspired you to become an artist?
I have been into Art ever since I can remember! Both my mothers and fathers family are all very creative and my nannas are 2 of my biggest inspirations. My books at school were always neat and colourful, I got so excited at the start of the year to collage and decorate my book covers.

When it came to choosing what I wanted to do at University, I was so lost. I always dreamed of going to Uni but at the same time I always changed my mind in what I wanted to do in life. So dad convinced me once I finished year 12 to get my Visa and go life in London and travel. He said that would open up my heart to what I really wanted to do. After being there for 2 years I knew I wanted to study Fashion Design, so I came home put together a portfolio and Applied for a Diploma of Fashion Design at Ultimo Design Studio – Tafe. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be good enough and not get in. The day the letter came, I was so excited! I was in!

After a year and half of my course, I realised Fashion was just not where I wanted to be. Dad was in my ear again, this time he was telling me I should take my artwork to the markets, it had been telling me for years but I never had the confidence to go through with it. Then in April 2012 I had my first market stall at Avoca Beachside Markets. From that first market, I have never looked back. I am so humbled by the response I get from everyone – Now a few years later I get to do what I love every day and have my own business.

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What is a day in the life of Farrah’s Stone like?
Every single day is different, I swear! As I am a working mum from home my day is really influenced by my wild child – Nixon. Generally, I am up early playing mummy then I get all my orders packaged and head to the post office. When Nixon is down – I am straight to my art studio to get into in my artwork! On warm days I like to my works outside and enjoy the sunshine – there’s nothing more pleasant about being out in the sun listening to the world around you. I am a bit of a night owl to most of my artwork is done at night when I get to be all by myself.

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What gets your creative juices flowing? Music, people, nature…. Who or what are your biggest influences?
I like to be alone when I am drawing, people looking over me makes me really nervous and criticise my work way to much. I love having a movie or music playing.

I have always been in love with Klimt – and I adore aboriginal art. My nanna Bev was aboriginal and she was always telling me Dreamtime stories through aboriginal artworks.


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If you were to give advice to someone wanting to turn their passion into a business; what would that be?
Do it! and have confidence in yourself. My dad always said you want to work doing something that makes you happy every day – so if you doing something you’re passionate about it doesn’t feel like your working cause you love it!


How has social media helped promote you as an artist?
Yes, social media has been a huge platform for me. Instagram is my favourite! The funny thing is though I get so shy behind social media outlets then I do in real life as I hate not being able to see peoples reaction to my work by reading their body language and expressions.




What mediums do you generally work with?
I work with a range of materials. From watercolours, ink, pencils, markers, posca pens, acrylics, gouache and charcoal. Lately, I have also been dabbling in digital artworks working in photoshop and illustrator.


Other than art, of course, what are your greatest passions?
Cooking, travelling, Sewing and textiles.


What future does the future hold for Farrah’s Stone? Any exciting projects coming up?
The future! What a scary word -I would be super happy for Farrah’s Stone to keep me doing what I am most passionate about each and every day. I am hoping to finish a collection of artworks that I am working on to hold my first solo exhibition.


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Check out her shop here  or follow along on the journey on Instagram.

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