Is August a Good Time to Go to Vegas?

August is the last month of the summer season. Many tourists love visiting Las Vegas in August to celebrate the finale of their summer vacations before returning to work or school. They do not care much about the desert heat because Las Vegas has plenty of swimming pool activities and air-conditioned theaters and venues to ensure guests stay comfortable and happy.


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Top Things to Do In Las Vegas In August

You can expect to see a lot of interesting shows, attractions, and activities in Las Vegas throughout August. Some generous ticket discounts may be available for them too. Do you want to know what is worth seeing? Below are the top shows and attractions for having a great time in Las Vegas in August.

Laughternoon with Adam London

Laughternoon with Adam London is a hilarious 90-minute show featuring engaging magic tricks, comedic charm, fun, laughter, and complete madness. It is the perfect family-friendly show in Las Vegas in August because the content suits audiences of all ages.

Adam London is a fine comedian with great comedic timing. The way he combines improvisational comedy with delightful magic makes him extremely popular as a performer. That is why you will not want to miss his comedy magic show at The Venue of the Orleans Hotel.


If you want to discover other great shows in Las Vegas in August check out, you can find shows with elements of comedy, magic, illusions, hypnosis, acrobatics, mystery, thrills, musicals, and more.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Vegas Balloon Rides allows guests to ride in a ten-story-high hot-air balloon about 800 feet over Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert. It is a slow-paced ride offering guests a bird’s eye view of desert landscapes, the Spring Mountains, towns, valleys, the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, and Red Rock Canyon. You get to see a mixture of barren desert landscapes and tall buildings in a big city. Where else can you see all of this in one hot-air balloon ride?


The ride takes about 60 minutes. Hopefully, you are not afraid of heights because you will be hundreds of feet above the ground for an hour. Then, after the ride concludes, you will be treated to a snack and champagne toast to celebrate your fun ride in the sky.

Neon Museum and Boneyard

Las Vegas history exists within the iconic neon lights and signs of its nearly 100-year existence. The first neon lights came to Fremont Street in 1929 and spread to other parts of the city between the 1930s and 1980s. Now you can see extravagant neon lights, LCD screens, and LED screens all over the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street.


The Neon Museum features exhibits of salvaged and restored neon signs from the history of Las Vegas. Head over to the museum’s outdoor Boneyard Gallery to find a collection of the best Las Vegas neon signs gathered in one location. And if you visit at nighttime, you can see them all turned on. The neon signs include the old La Concha Motel Sign and the Hard Rock Café guitar standing 80 feet tall.

The Las Vegas Sign

The famous and iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign is a must-see attraction for tourists visiting Las Vegas in August. Even though most people drive past the sign on their way into the Las Vegas Strip, you should stop at it for a closer look. You may even see a few Elvis Presley impersonators who may greet you and agree to take pictures with you next to the sign.


Visiting the Las Vegas Sign and taking selfies next to it is completely free. The bright summer days in August create great lighting for picture-taking during the day.

Potted Potter

In August, Harry Potter fans should check out Potted Potter at The Magic Attic of the Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas. It is a Harry Potter-themed comedy show with two performers telling and reenacting the stories of all seven Harry Potter books and movies. Their funny on-stage representation of the Harry Potter stories will crack you up from the beginning to the end of the 70-minute performance.


Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner are the two performers. They use everything from funny props and costumes to tell these stories in a fun, creative, and charming way. Even if you are not a total Harry Potter fan, the performances will keep you engaged and laughing the entire show. Meanwhile, you will also learn about the Harry Potter stories if you do not know them already.


Do you want to find discounts on this and other shows in Las Vegas? Visit to learn more.

Secret Pizza

When you’re in the mood for New York-style pizza in Las Vegas, visit the Secret Pizza restaurant on the 3rd floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It is a small pizzeria hidden on the 3rd floor without any labels or directions. All you have to find is a record-lined hallway leading you to the pizzeria. The music records feature notable legends like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.


Once you arrive at the Secret Pizza restaurant, walk up to the counter to place your order. Depending on your appetite, you can purchase a pizza in whole or individual slices. The cooking crew takes about 15 minutes to prepare an entire pizza, but it is worth the wait.

August is a great time to visit Las Vegas. Guests can choose various things to do in the city, such as attending shows, eating at restaurants, touring the city, going on thrill rides, and more. It will be an experience you and your friends or family will never forget.





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