When I think of Bali, 2 things come to mind. Good food and good culture.
I have been coming here since a child maybe 8 or 9 and have had a lot of different ‘Bali’ experiences. From the backpacker roaming the streets of Ubud, laying on the beach of Gili Trawagen or the typical Aussie/Bali holiday a lot of us had the privilege of experiencing whilst growing up.
This trip was a whole new experience again; this time I was coming solo to take care of business. Now you would think that was enough ‘newness’ for one trip, nope instead a week in my boyfriend decides to surprise me and comes for the remainder of my trip. Which then lead me to my second new experience, the lovely romantic side 🙂 🙂
 staying in pretty private villas and indulging in food and love.

I started out by finally meeting our Jewellery manufacturer. An incredible man who lives in the wonderful and inspiring Ubud. The whole process was easy and stress free.  I encourage all of you to visit the wonders of Ubud and please go and stay at our new friend and business suppliers Guest House- you will experience the real Bali in a family atmosphere.
We then proceeded in designing packaging and sourcing fabrics for special pieces to come later.  Bali has always been one of our favourites destinations so much so we more often than not call it home. Now being able to do business there, we are so excited for all the adventures and the meeting of new suppliers, designers and manufacturers.

My picks for eating:
– Biku Seminyak for Nasi Campur and Fun sanitary towels


-Swich Seminyak for amazing chicken/salad sandwiches and Banana Smoothies
Jl Werkudara , Legian Bali – Just up the road from Jayakarta Resort.
– Café local in Legian for my favourite banana milkshakes
-Rumors in Seminyak for Bali Hai for 11,000 ($1.10) unlimited welcome bread and Pool with the Locals.
Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak
-Ketuts Beach Bar (located next the life guard tower opposite Mandira Hotel in Legian) for Bintangs at sunset and good friends

-Earth café in Seminyak for a good vegan or vego meal
Jl. Laksmana Oberoi 99, Seminyak
-Bali Café in Seminyak for beautiful décor, beautiful food, and beautiful people
Jl. Oberoi, Seminyak

5 quick tips for a great experience
1. Say yes to everything*. Sit and have chats with the locals. Make some life long friends. Learn some Indo.
2. Never say ‘maybe later’ or ‘ill come back to shop person’. They will remember. And they will hold you to it.
3. Walk. Walk and walk. Get lost. You find the best darn things when you walk.
4. Try food from ‘the windows’. It’s the best, most authentic and cheapest food in Bali.  **
5. Go and stay at The Bali Dream Villa in Seminyak

*Unless it’s someone asking you if you want transport, massage or mushrooms. Then say NO. Every time. Unless you them
** Being authentic also means you may get a little bali belly.

If you only learn a few words or sentences- these are it.
1. Saya Tidak Mau- I DON’T WANT
2. Tidak Terimah Kasih- No Thank you
3. Satu Lagi – One more (I use this one often when referring to beers)

Feel free to ask me any more fun phrases you want to take with you!

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