Here are 5 reasons why I love Eco Store

+ Ecostore products are non-toxic and are a cruelty-free accredited company.
eco store founded by Malcolm Rands and wife Melanie in their home in 1993 began as a modest venture in their home in a fully sustainable eco village in New Zealand. Their dream was ambitious and their philosophy of ‘safety and health first’ was at the core of every product developed.
Together they set up Ecostore, providing affordable everyday household cleaning products that would enable people to live a healthier greener lifestyle. Malcolm believes chemical free products should be considered by all consumers today as research continues to prove how harmful some chemicals can be to our health.




+The vision began as a modest venture in their family home.
The guiding principle of eco store formulations is that the end product must not only be good for the planet, but also good for the user. The company believes that everyone has a right to know exactly what is in the products they use, which is why it goes above and beyond legal requirements to list every ingredient. They have stayed true to their humble vision.



+It’s affordable and conveniently available at your nearest Coles or Woolworths.
I first came across eco store products when I was searching for eco friendly dishwashing tablets in Woolworths. There was 3 to choose from, eco store won the battle simply because it was on sale. Since then I’ve tried the remaining 2 products and always go back to eco store, they are better value and do the job so well. I love their simple yet effective packaging and knowing you are buying a product you can really trust.



+It’s GOOD for the planet, they even use recycled materials for packaging.
Ecostore products are non-toxic and proud to be a cruelty-free accredited company. Using recycled materials for packaging to minimize waste, even the labels are made of black and white photography to minimize the need for brightly coloured toxic inks and printing processes.




I have tried almost all of their range, for both beauty and house. I found better results from their house products than beauty. My favourite products and the ones I will continue to buy are:
– Dishwashing Tablets
– Front Load Washing Powder
– Soaker and Stain Remover
-Dish Washing Liquid
– Multi-Purpose Spray
– Toilet Cleaner
– Hand Wash






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Have you tried eco store products? What are your favourites? xx

17 thoughts on “5 reasons why you need to try eco store

  1. I have not heard of Eco, but I love their humble vision to list every single ingredient! There is no telling what is in some of the cleaners I currently use!

  2. I haven’t heard of them but am willing to try. My girls’ skin is super sensitive so I am constantly experimenting with different products. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I completely forgot about this brand. I use to use it all the time and I love the packaging updates they’ve done. I’d love to get my hands on that lemon cream cleaner.

  4. I’m not familiar with this bran. The pictures on some of their labels like the cat are really cute and would stand out if I were shopping.

  5. It’s nice that they have developed a lot of home products that’s both environmentally good and also user friendly. We need more products like Eco Store in the market.

  6. I’ve actually never heard of this one before but Ill definitely have to check it out. Im always looking for more eco friendly cleaning products and laundry detergent

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