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The Lush Scoop is a newly created ethical lifestyle magazine. A cruelty-free exploration, offering readers an aesthetically pleasing, intelligent, and alternative view of the world. Covering art, events, reviews, news on current happenings in the Vegan world, real-life stories, along with interviews, articles and delicious recipes. 

 When editor Amy Sinclair posted this idea on kick-starter, we jumped at the opportunity to back this beautifully created vision. After receiving our enviro-friendly printed masterpiece last week, we were so thrilled to also be able to catch up with the creative mind behind Lush Scoop and find out how journey unfolded….

Tell us about Lush Scoop, what were your intentions and inspirations in starting the Magazine, how has it grown throughout the years?
The Lush Scoop began as a print media assignment in my final year of a BA design/photography. The idea behind it was to introduce my friends and family to my way of living whilst creating the kind of mag that I would like to read. I wanted to show them how easily they could live a life free from harm to any living being. I sold the remainder online, and it took off from there.

As the mini magazine took off, so did the social media following of The Lush Scoop. People all over the world were commenting on my recipe posts and I was beginning to feel like I had to do something more. As a designer/illustrator/photographer, a magazine was the perfect outlet for this venture. I contacted all of the people I knew that would be interested in contributing to issue 01 and it all blossomed from there.

I have had an amazing bunch of people helping me to get The Lush Scoop off the ground and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s been received so far.


The Lush Scoop

What is a day in the life of Amy Sinclair?
Every day is different when you’re running a business. Though I do generally get up reasonably early and like to go for a run, and they always start off with a lemon water to get the digestive juices pumping.

I usually reply to emails for a good few hours in the morning, and now that the magazine is printed­ – I spend a fair bit of time organizing and packing orders, which takes a huge chunk out of my day.

I like to make sure that I get back to what I really enjoy which is actually coming up with ideas, writing, illustrating, and designing for The Lush Scoop. Sometimes I will be photographing and reviewing some lovely cruelty-free food/retail items, and sometimes that means spending time being creative in the kitchen and photographing the results. I generally spend a good 10 hours on The Lush Scoop each day, and always make time to cook a nice dinner and reunite with my boyfriend each night.


What gets your creative juices flowing? Music, people, nature…. Who or what are your biggest influences?
Music for sure, I have music on all day while I work – I couldn’t focus without it. I actually get distracted when I’m not listening to music because nothing is there for my subconscious to focus on. Eating healthy definitely helps, when I have a lazy food week I’m much less inclined to feel like doing anything productive.

Nature has a huge impact on me; I yearn for the ocean and the bush. I feel like living in the city has really taken a chunk out of me, after growing up in such a beautiful area I often find myself lost without nature close by.

Some people who inspire me:
My wonderful partner J. Dale Pearson, he is so passionate, creative and the single most supportive person around me. Tilly Clifford – Photographer and one of my closest friends, Maria Kalman – Illustrator, Full Raw Kristina – Raw food activist, Woody Harrelson – Actor/Vegan/Activist. I could literally go on for hours – there are so many amazing people in the world; it’s difficult to list them all.

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How has social media helped promote your vision and brand?
Without social media, I’m not sure I’d be doing any of this. As much as the Internet can be a drag – it’s the reason that I took the next step on my journey and really pushed myself to do something big. It was the support of the wonderful followers out there that promoted me to start the magazine and continue doing what I love. I also believe that you can’t be successful purely through social media/Internet, good ideas also need strong passion to drive them.



The philosophy at Lush Scoop is ‘ Exploration of cruelty-free culture’- how does this carry over into your everyday life?
I don’t use animal products in any way and it’s such an amazing feeling. We don’t need animal products to wear beautiful clothes, use lush skincare, or eat amazing food. It doesn’t feel like much has changed really, except that this subconscious guilt (which I had never acknowledged) has completely disappeared. I feel so strongly about living a vegan lifestyle and it’s not just about the treatment of animals (though that was the turning point for me). Unfortunately, animal agriculture is responsible for huge amounts of damage to the earth, it is devastating once you find out all of the statics. Every mouthful of meat and dairy is contributing massive amounts to global warming, deforestation, water shortage, animal abuse, against your own health & wellbeing and so much more.


You’ve been a vegan for a number of years now. What are the major shifts and changes you’ve witnessed?
I definitely noticed a huge change with my health. When I first went vegetarian I noticed some big changes initially, but cutting out the dairy in my transition to veganism was even more noticeable. The dairy weighed me down almost as much as the meat! The amount of energy I gained from replacing meat and dairy with vegetables, fruits, grains nuts and seeds etc is phenomenal. After high school I didn’t exercise at all for a while, now I find myself yearning to going for a run or a walk. My gut feels amazing, and my hair and nails grow extremely fast!

I have also found that my mind is much more present, I feel connected to things in a way I never had before – at peace with myself and with everything around me. Living on such a pure diet leaves both your mind and body tremendously happy.

The Lush Scoop
How can we aim to connect with our plate more and be conscious of what we are putting into our bodies?
My greatest advice would be to do some research. I can sit here and talk for hours about why I think everybody should be conscious of what they’re eating and eliminate the consumption of animal products – but the facts are out there and it will be a much more powerful change if you understand them firsthand.

Though I will say this – if it comes from the earth (earth meaning soil) then it is most likely going to be full of the nutrients intended for us to consume. It is not necessary to eat animal products.

I recommend these books and documentaries:
Cowspiracy – documentary
 ,The China Study – T. Colin Campbell
, Food Matters – documentary
, Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor – Kris Carr

The Kind Diet – Alicia Silverstone
Speciesism – documentary

The best speech you will ever hear – Gary Yourofsky (youtube)


What is a quote you live by?
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”. – Mahatma Gandhi

Want some more inspiration?  Order an issue of the magazine here!

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Want to share your story of becoming a vegetarian or vegan? Comment below! Would love to hear your tips!

P.S Check out the lush scoops vegan brownie recipe here(it’s so delicious!)

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