There is no doubt that Australia is a pure wanderlust that has a lot to offer to both locals and travellers. Sandy beaches, spectacular landscapes, turquoise waters, ancient rainforests, and dramatic sceneries – there are so many hidden gems that are waiting for you to explore. And yes, Australia is very famous because of Sydney and Melbourne, which are amazing, but here are so many other unique slices of heaven in this beautiful place.

Planning your perfect trip might not be easy. At the end of the day, the essential thing that you would like to achieve while on a trip is, of course, full peace of mind. To make that happen, you will spend hours and hours searching for the best accommodation that will meet all of your requirements and needs. And the most popular results are clear – glitzy hotels with charming architectures, exquisite service, and ultimate relaxation.

Yes, we all have experienced that, so how about trying something new? Like staying in a completely remote area. Yes, it is possible. Does it have to be a tent or a cabin? Absolutely not! Lodges are indeed the place to be because of many reasons: stunning views, dreamy horizons, and romantic dinners.

Lets take a look at the most breathtaking lodges in Australia. Pack your suitcase and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! We promise that you will have the time of your life.


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Southern Ocean Lodge


‘Baillie Lodges regrets to advise that Southern Ocean Lodge on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island has sustained significant damage by bushfire and the property is now closed.

Currently, a reopening date has not been determined. The Southern Ocean Lodge team will embark on contacting guests as well as travel industry partners over the coming days to make alternative arrangements for upcoming reservations.’

Located on Kangaroo Island, Southern Ocean Lodge is one of the most charming and luxury lodges in Australia. With its ocean views and floor to ceiling windows, you can fully enjoy the breathtaking horizon. The suites are super modern and well equipped, and they are named after the boats that have come a cropper on the Kangaroo Island. During the day you can read your favourite book in the Great Room while surrounded with picturesque views, enjoy in the bar with the exquisite selection of beverages or simply taste the wonderful foods that the restaurant has to offer.

One thing is for sure, and you must not miss out on the spa! It is one of the best spas where your body and soul will be treated on a whole new level. There is a range of spa services by professional physiotherapists who are using aboriginal techniques. Treat your body in the most appropriate possible way with the natural beauty products that come straight from the island.

The lodge is located nearby the National Parks and the main landmarks of Kangaroo Island. With the excursions that the Southern Ocean Lodge team provides, guests can take full advantage of what the island can offer. The options are limitless, and the team can organize anything that you like. One option is to explore the wildlife and learn more about sea lions during the day and take a nocturnal tour during the night and visit the kangaroos, the owls, and the bats.

Dont forget to cuddle with the koalas! Another exciting activity that you can do is exploring the marine life while being surrounded by dolphins or scuba-diving. You can also just take a kayak tour in the peaceful waters of South West River, hike through Flinders Chase National Park or go for a safari adventure. Take your pick!

Cape Lodge

There is no denying that Cape Lodge will charm everyone who is seeking elegance, sophistication and some private space at the same time. Located in one of a kind vineyard in Margaret River Wine Region and surrounded by forests, the lodge is recognized as one of the most luxurious lodges in Australia. The residence itself is very exceptional with beautiful green lawns and a private lake.

There are twenty-two rooms in total, and all of them abound with tranquil vibes and extraordinary interiors. The ground floor rooms are patio rooms, on the second floor there are lakeside rooms, and there are also garden view rooms that evoke some familiar country feel. All of the rooms are very well equipped with facilities that are more than enough.

The lodge features an award-winning restaurant that offers a selection of French specialities such as seafood soufflé. The vineyard is producing a vast amount of exquisite vines that are served to all of the guests. If you are interested in cooking, the lodge hosts culinary classes where you will have the opportunity to learn from the best.

There are also a lot of activities that Cape Lodges team organizes. Because of its beautiful location and the variety of sports activities that are offered, sports enthusiasts can have a lot of fun from surfing and cycling to rock climbing, and mountain biking.

You can also go for golf courses and horse riding opportunities. These are one of the most appreciated sports for watching, and many Aussies like to place bets on them. What’s even more convenient for travellers, is that payment methods like POLI and PayPal are very popular for depositing and withdrawing funds in Australia. Besides those activities, there are a dozen of other things to do such as yachting, cruising and visiting spectacular caves. Prepare yourself for an epic journey and explore all of the caves: Lake Cave, Jewel Cave, and Ngilgi Cave.

Longitude 131°

Nestled in the dry heart of the Northern Territory, this Longitute 131 lodge will make you fall in love with the Uluru area in a second! You will have the chance to admire the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets without having to get out of bed. The rooms are exceptional, and all of them are overlooking the famous Uluru rock.

The walls are decorated with aboriginal art which perfectly reflects the rich Australian history. The rooms are very well equipped, and there are raincoats, backpacks and even a coffee machine. In terms of outdoor activities, there are daily tours where you can participate and spend quality time.

The Longitude 131° team can organize hiking, camel riding, biking or motorcycling. If youd like to see some beautiful panoramas, you can also take a helicopter ride and see the area from a birds view. This might become one of the best thrilling adventures in your life!

In the night it is worth going out to the fireplace while watching the stars with your favourite drink in your hand. Whatever makes you feel good, just try to make the most of your time while in Longitude 131°.

Berkeley River Lodge, Kimbereley Coast, WA

In one of the last true wilderness areas on earth, between Timor Sea sunrises and Berkeley River sunsets, the ultimate Kimberley adventure and refined indulgence awaits.

Australia’s most remote luxury lodge experience, only accessible by air, getting to the Berkeley is half the adventure. Leave modern life far behind and relax into the rhythms of nature in your luxurious villa floating atop the coastal dunes. Be one of the privileged few to set eyes upon breathtaking wilderness landscapes by river cruise or helicopter flight.

From river cruises and gorge hikes to fine dining & 4WD tours, Berkeley River Lodge offers a vast range of activities and experiences for guests.

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

Nestled on the pristine World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island, Capella Lodge is a luxurious boutique lodge that boasts breathtaking views of the ocean, reef and surrounding mountains. Celebrated as the pinnacle of luxury, Capella Lodge rests above romantic Lovers Bay and features nine individual and private suites, providing the perfect setting for a romantic couple’s escape or a honeymoon retreat like no other.

Contemporary architectural design in the lodge’s main area, featuring floor to ceiling glass, creates an elegant indoor-outdoor space that mesmerises guests with the views of the mountains and turquoise lagoon that stretches to the horizon. Luxurious surroundings, designer fabrics and bespoke furnishings create a feeling of relaxed sophistication and unpretentious indulgence.

Lord Howe Island

That’s our top luxury lodges in Australia, have we inspired you to visit these unique accommodations? What do you love most about Australia? Let us know in the comments below!

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