There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that today’s generation like to buy good clothes in order to look their best at all times. In fact, fashion has become such an important part of everyday life, that cities all over the world have started vying with each other to create the trendiest impact.

While France has been a forerunner in this aspect for hundreds of years, countries like Australia, for example, have begun to establish a brand name of their own.

Melbourne has now overtaken Sydney as the new fashion destination of Australia.


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Melbourne Style Guide

Smart well-heeled people, broad streets and designer shops galore, has made this astonishing city the best for designers to showcase their display in the most creative manner. Since this style capital of Australia has no lack of inspiration, it is important to plan properly for a chic vacation to Melbourne by simply heading to places which the locals would suggest.


Melbourne is one city where you can experience severe weather changes on any single day. It is common for the city local to relate how they have encountered all the four seasons in twenty-four hours. It is important, therefore, to be prepared for the worst, especially by gaining insider knowledge on how to layer down properly, so as to be never caught unawares.

Eyelash extensions offer a wonderful way to offset the constant use of mascara and look beautiful and natural. Having said that, there is no other city in the world other than Melbourne, where the application of this fashion tip simply flourishes. Some of the latest techniques and makeup procedures can be found here, which will change the shape and definition of your looks. Salons provide premium and long-lasting eyelash enhancements which are both swim and smudge proof and last for several weeks and gives the eyes a thick and full look.



Modern day Melbourne is a place which is synonymous equally with fashion as it is with style. The city continues to attract major fashion chains to strengthen its reputation as a leading designer capital. The numerous arcades and driveways have an array of trendy boutiques which have left an indelible mark on the city’s fashion scene and offer really serious shopping. Alpha60, Nevenka and Kuwaiti are some of the places to head for. Some of the most high end shopping can be done at St Collins Lane where the leading flagship outlets can be found.


Taking a leaf out of it’s fashionable past, Melbourne is gearing up to right up there on the fashion front as compared to other erstwhile rivals in the world. From open air rooftop theatres to hawker festivals the only fun topic on everyone’s lips is – fashion. While the rivalry will always remain the observations and opinions will differ. The crazy weather pattern also plays an important role in making people trying out new things all the time. Though black has long been the staple colour for a Melbourne look, a strong movement towards more fashion conscious choices is the need of the day.

What to wear

Packing Tips

+Pack layers– Melbourne’s trademark is its ability to host all four seasons in one day! Be prepared for a wide variety of temperatures, humidity, and precipitation. When we were there during late August it mostly rained and had fairly cold temperatures. On the last day, however, there was a heat wave with sun shining for hours! You will also notice that when it is freezing outdoors in Melbourne its toasty warm inside! Having a really good quality jacket is essential!

+A love a good scarf– this item is so versatile I have even added it to my must-pack items. Great in Melbourne for the cooler months but also good for a headscarf in summer!

+Don’t forget sunscreen–  Just because there are clouds doesn’t mean the UV rays won’t get you! Always apply sunscreen! Like I said above sun can come out at any time in Melbourne its good to be prepared!

+A good pair of walking boots or sneakers– You will most likely be discovery the city of Melbourne by foot. A good pair of comfortable walking shoes is essential. I packed a nicer pair of boots as well as super comfy sneakers.

+Neutrals & Blacks– I always pack about 4-5 basic items. A good pair of jeans, shorts, denim jacket and light breathable linen or cotton pieces.

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