This is our 2nd post in our ongoing new blog series ‘Monday Inspiration’. Specifically created posts to help boost productivity and motivation on those slow and uninspired Monday mornings. September was a huge month for us with work and launching this digital space, there were definitely days where it was all too much. Thankfully we had created a list of incredible inspiration that kept us going on those ‘off’ days. Today I want to share that list with you, I then want you to mention a couple of things that inspire you in the comments below so we can inspire each other.

1.Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert
I was introduced to Big Magic by a fellow creative. Although I had read Eat Prey Love (also by Gilbert) in previous years I wasn’t really following Elizabeth’s career.  This book was delivered to me at exactly the right time to help me accomplish exactly what I needed. “Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?” Elizabeth challenges. Big Magic, focuses on our inner creativity and guides us to find the process in which fear becomes a  force to dream bigger, create stronger and hustle harder.

+You can purchase a copy of Big Magic here.



bigmagicelizabethgilbert,Monday Inspiration

2. The Collective MagazineFrom the beginning, Lisa Messenger and The Collective have been a strong inspiration and basically a go-to guide on entrepreneurship and going after what you want. The pages are jam-packed with stories of thought leaders, game changers and individuals challenging the status quo. I love the design and branding that the collective owns so well. Lisa Messenger certainly knows what she is doing and am always intrigued in following her journey and the bigger vision.

+Visit The Collective Hub


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3. ANZTravelChat
I recently discovered twitter chats which made my love for twitter blossom, as previously it was the forgotten social platform. The ANZ Travel Chat is designed for the AU/ NZ timezone with the topic changing weekly. It offers up loads of inspiration and knowledge as you share and connect with link minded travellers.

+Here is a post inspired by #ANZTravelchat- “Top 5 Natural Wonders of the World”

+Join us for the next chat on Wednesdays at 7.30pm #ANZTravelChat

cinqueterre2,Monday Inspiration, Italy


4. My Favourite Travel Bloggers
Tuula I love her photos and have followed her journey from the beginning. But what I truly love about Jessica Stein is the very short yet thoughtful paragraphs she adds to her visual diaries. They are full of appreciation and always users her words beautifully, describing her feelings in a particular moment rather than just explaining what she saw or did.

+ One of my favourite posts- “Top Travel Moments in 2014”.

Monday Inspiration, Tuula, Jessica Stein


The Love Assembly The darling Aubrey from The Love Assembly is a breath of fresh air. Her humble and kind nature shows in her branding, photography and writing. I had followed Aubrey for quite some time, but recently she also become someone I can call a friend.

Monday Inspiration, The Love Assembly

Dan flying Solo
I have only been following Dan and his journey for the last few months. I was firstly intrigued by his writing style. He writes with sheer passion and a deep love for travelling. His photography is pretty spectacular also!

+ My Favourite Post- “Why You Should Travel With Passion.

Monday Inspiration, Dan Flying Solo


5. Jack Delosa Videos Whenever I am feeling lazy or need a break from working I go straight Jack Delosa’s facebook and watch his lastest video. He answer’s ANY questions he is asked on social media via the #AskJackD tag. Jack speaks with conviction and passion, he challenges the traditional rules of business and is a true leader oh and a bit funny.  His company The Entourage was voted one of the top 4 places to work in Australia- watch the video below you will get why.




6.Pinterest I use Pinterest religiously. Not just for my blog but for inspiration. When I’m trying to decide where to travel next- PINTEREST. When I need inspiration on styling for baby showers or parties- PINTEREST. When I’m stuck for dinner ideas- PINTEREST. It is just a great digital mood board for all occasions.

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7. The Nectar Collective
If you have heard of TNC and Melyssa Griffin before she doesn’t really need an intro, we can just both agree she is extraordinary. If you haven’t, well get on that asap! She is like your big sister in the blogging world. Every single time I have a creative problem she will read my mind and create a blog post, a twitter chat, or a webinar to answer my questions! She has endless amounts of resources to help her audience be the best blogger they can be. The best bit she does all this wonderful magic while remaining human and humble. Just hearing from her brings a smile to my face.   Get to know The Nectar Collective a little more here.

+ Visit The Nectar Collective

The Nectar Collective, Monday Inspiration, Melyssa Griffin,

8. The Purple Buddha Project
The upcycling weapons of conflict in Cambodia into jewelry, transforming objects of negativity into changing lives is what the Purple Buddha Project is all about.  Their Instagram and Tumblr pages offer endless amounts of inspiration through quotes. I often find myself scroll through their feed for hours.

Monday Inspiration, Quote
9. Music
Music has always been a huge source of inspiration. I love wide range music and my playlist will usually contain brand new tracks as well as old favourites with a strong focus on Australian artists. Here is my October playlist 🙂

10. The Strategy Lab
The Strategy Lab is a boutique branding and strategy studio helping businesses illuminate the world with their trailblazing message. Kirstin the founder is extremely innovative and inspiring and pours her soul into powerful intention and execution. She created an extraordinary initiative with her weekly newsletter aptly named ‘Power Prompts’ and followed it up with the Inspiration Revolution Facebook Group.

+Visit  The Strategy Lab.

be fearless, Monday Inspiration, The Strategy Lab

Want to Join in on our  ‘Monday Inspiration’? Comment below with what inspires you!

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Enjoy your week Wanderers,


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