7 must-go adventurous places in the USA for couples

If you are in love, there are plenty of awesome and breathtaking places you can travel across the world with better intentions of making your relationship stronger. People in love find plenty of exciting and unforgettable experiences while travelling hand in hand, particularly when their relationship is becoming established.

Irrespective of whether you want to explore romantic beaches, enjoy nightlife partying or just relax in suites or hotels, there are numerous places simply waiting to be explored to get loads of fun that is worth your money. Let’s have a look at 7 adventurous places in the USA to visit with your partner.


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7 must-go adventurous places in the USA for couples

1. Sequoia National Park in California

During your California road trip couples should not go past the home of some of the world’s oldest trees, Sequoia National Park in California! With giant Sequoia trees estimated to be over 3,000 years old, this national park is an ideal place to explore together and have some of the best day hikes in the USA. Within the 400,000 acres of the park, there are ample activities that vary from one season to another.

However, it’s amazing and majestic beauty can be exhilarating for people in love irrespective of the weather conditions. Depending on the activities you plan to enjoy as a couple, they all come prepared, including visits through groves of the huge trees through paths that are fully accessible. Other amazing activities include crystal cave tours, day hiking, overnight wilderness trips, ranger-led programs, museums and visitor centres, drive and viewpoints and much more.  Or skiing, and snow play if you visit there during the winter months.

Don’t Miss: The Giant Forest, Climb the steps of Moro Rock, Mount Whitney, High Sierra Trail, Crystal Cave
Stay: Silver City Mountain ResortSequoia ResortLazy J Ranch Motel

2. Secret Beach in Kauai

If you enjoy sunbathing with your partner, perhaps you shouldn’t miss a visit to Secret Beach located at the base of a steep cliff north of Kilauea in Kauai. This is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets for lovers in long distance relationships who plan to make an adventurous trip in a down rocky, near vertical trail adorned with long stretches of sand and sea.

Be certain as a couple to have your adventurous efforts rewarded while cares and worries emptied in this paradise-like Secret Beach located in Hawaii. You can head to this secret haven at any time of the year though, activities may vary with season.

Don’t forget your athletic gear, hiking shoes and swimsuits if you are planning a hike or exploration in the slippery and tricky trails of the Secret Beach. Don’t bring white shoes, shirts or shorts as they will surely get stained with red dirt along the beach. There are also lots of indoor activities including Kauai Beer Company’s local beers on Rice Street in Lihue.

Don’t: Visit Wailua Falls, Na ‘Aina Kai, Hike the Kalalau Trail
Stay:  Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & SpaSt. Regis PrincevilleTimbers Kauai Ocean Club & ResidencesTimbers Kauai Ocean Club & Residences

3. Grand Canyon in Arizona

One of our favourite adventurous places in the USA to visit is, of course, The Grand Canyon! Located along the mighty Colorado River, Grand Canyon is an amazing chasm that cuts 5,000 feet into the earth’s crust, making it a historical and adventurous destination for people in love.

Apart from being more than a mile deep, the Canyon is 18 miles wide and stretches 277 miles. This is an ideal site to visit if you are after a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring trip with your better half.

Activities include attending free ranger programs, hiking the North Rim, view park orientation, exploring the South Rim, vistas rides, biking, Havasu Falls and much more.

Don’t forget to tour the scenic Hermit road and enjoy a ride through the desert drive. You can also participate in a Grand Canyon Field Institute Learning Adventure for educational tours under expert instructors.

Stay: Zion Glamping AdventuresThe Grand Hotel at the Grand CanyonLittle America Hotel FlagstaffUnder Canvas Grand Canyon
Don’t Miss: Havasu Falls,  Horseshoe Bend,  Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, South Rim, South Kaibab Trail
Suggested Tours:  Skydive the Grand Canyon,  Grand Canyon Ultimate Tour,  Grand Canyon Ultimate Tour

4. Hiking Zion National Park in Utah

Young couples who are in early stages of a relationship will love the adventurous activities Zion National Park in Utah. Start the adventure with a Utah road trip and then enjoy the multiday expeditions and nature trails. For an ideal and classic adventure, there is no better place to start than by descending through the 16-mile Virgin River canyon, sandwiched between rocky hills as high as 2,000 feet with canyons as wide as 20 feet.

Nevertheless, don’t expect to stay dry because you will be walking right in the river, making it a super adventure trip. Though the water may mostly be below your knee, some spots may be as high as your waist. This means you will have to stash your camera and phone in a ziplock or dry bag. Apart from April and May when spring flooding occurs, you can visit the park at any other time of the year.

Don’t Miss: Go Stargazing, Visit The Narrows, Zion Canyon Scenic Drive
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5. Mount Rainier in Washington

If you consider climbing mountains as an adventurous activity, which definitely is, Mount Rainier National Park in Washington should be in your list. With highest peaks rising as high as 14,000 feet and visible from over 100 miles, Mount Rainier is one of the country’s signature peaks for people in love. You shouldn’t be in a hurry if you are planning to reach the peak as it takes a couple of days and best climbed as a group.

This is meant to help people acclimate to the elevation. You will definitely need to carry with you crampons, ropes and ice axes if your goal is to reach the peak because it is always capped with snow throughout the year. To reach the peak in the morning, accents begin shortly after midnight. This ensures you will be at the peak before the day’s sun starts to melt the ice.

6. Apostle Islands in Wisconsin

The most appropriate adventurous activity for couples is kayaking along the wilderness in the Apostle Islands located a few miles from Chicago and Minneapolis. This National Park on Lake Superior gives explorers an opportunity trudge through unique rock formations while exploring caves that are great reminiscent of the Pacific Coast.

If you are not familiar with the route, you can get support from local supporters who also rent outfits and equipment for the trip that last up to seven nights. For couples who are truly adventurous, cliff diving can give an exhilarating experience. Don’t take chances if you are too nervous about the feeling!

7. Gauley River, West Virginia

Couples who love rafting will find no better place other than making a trip to this waterway located east of the Mississippi. If you visit between September and mid-October, you can enjoy Class IV and V rapids when water is released from a reservoir in an upstream. You will need a wetsuit as well as a helmet.

Be warned that this is a real life adventure and not an amusing park which is ideal for anyone in good shape and health. Falls may be on hard surfaces other than on water. You will also be amused by some daredevils who jump off the nearby 867-foot-tall New River Gorge Bridge.   


8. Yellowstone, Montana

During your Montana road trip you will need to visit one of the best National Parks in the USA. Spread over 3 states, Yellowstone has plenty to offer for couples looking for an adventure.

Yellowstone National Park contains over 500 active geyser, a crazy number of waterfalls, overall more than 10,000 geothermal features such as geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles.Talk about an adventure hot spot!

When its time to calm down take a hike and try and spot the variety of animals and birds Yellowstone NP is known for. There are many things to see in Yellowstone National Park but the most impressive feature has to be the Grand Prismatic Spring. It is the third-largest hot spring in the world but not only is it impressive in size, but it is also impressive in color. See photo below.

Althoughh you can’t take a romantic soak in this hot spring the different temperatures of the hot spring (cooler on the outside, hotter on the inside) creates a rainbow-like spectrum of colours that is just as cool!

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If you are in love and planning on an adventurous trip with your partner, the above seven are some of the places you should visit in your vacation. It’s recommendable to consult your partner about their preferences before planning your adventurous trip. Remember that making an exploratory trip with your partner can be helpful in strengthening your bond. It will be a great reminder of the younger days in your relationship. There is no harm in trying out something different to melt off your cares and worries when there is so much out there that can bring happiness in your relationship. Go out and have fun together!

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