Seven Essential Safety Tips Whilst Travelling During COVID-19

COVID-19 is a deadly virus. It has also affected millions of lives, but it has also put a financial strain on the world’s economy. With the death toll rising rapidly and unemployment increasing, the world is in a very critical situation.

Each individual needs to protect themselves with this dangerous virus. WHO and government policies of every country previously banned moving to stop this virus from spreading. It is difficult to determine how long this situation will go on. The good news is that several countries are now reopening their public areas and restaurants slowly, we don’t recommend this, instead, why not begin with domestic travel and consider a romantic weekend getaway in NSW.

The questions are continuously raised, is it safe to travel while the virus is still present? The short answer is no, stay home and do your bit but it seems the situation is always changing for different parts of the world!  If you have to travel or are considering domestic travel here are some safety precautions you should take!


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Seven Essential Safety Tips Whilst Travelling During COVID-19

Choose Safe And Clean Hotel

Since many countries are opening their international borders and there has been a relaxation in the travel ban, people cannot wait to travel again. If this travelling includes your stay at a hotel, then you must make a mental note of selecting a safe and clean hotel for the trip. You need to realize the importance of considering the best clean hotel that ensures all safety measures in this time of the coronavirus outbreak. Usually, hotels look after the safety needs of their guests, but during this pandemic, most of the hotels have drawn up a strict set of rules for health and safety.

First, search the website of hotels and read their safety practices for COVID-19. Many hotels have installed walk-through gates at their entrance and are providing hand sanitizers to guests. Hotel management is equipping its employees with PPEs and has made masks compulsory to keep a safe and clean environment. Choose a hotel that practices social distancing and makes sure of the wellbeing of staff and guests. These benefits will make it easy for you to decide which hotel to select.

There are obligations that an individual should practice during their stay at a hotel to protect their self and staff. These include standing at marked points in a queue, avoid going to restaurants, using room service, and choosing staircase instead of elevators to remain to steer clear of crowded places.

Select A Window Seat

While traveling, one of the best and safest way is to choose the window seat. A passenger having a window seat has less chance of contact with other passengers or travel crew than the person sitting on the outer position. Many airlines are practicing social distancing by reducing the number of passengers and keeping the middle rows empty. By having a wall next to you will automatically reduce your exposure by a significant percentage. According to the study, passengers in the window seat have twelve contacts. In contrast, the aisle and middle seat passengers have 64 and 58, respectively. That shows that selecting a window seat is the best option during the travel in this pandemic.

Maintain Good Hygiene

One needs to be extra careful of the surroundings, such as seats and ATMs, putting hands on elevators and bins. An individual must sanitise all the surfaces before coming in contact with them. It is also necessary to wait after sanitising the surface since it takes some time to disinfect. It is required to keep high-touched items, for instance, wallets, glasses, mobile phones inside during the security check. To prevent these items, one can continuously disinfect them using wipes.

There is a misconception that humans may contract a virus by touching the infected surface. However, if one touches his face (eyes, nose, or mouth) after coming in contact with a contaminated surface, only then can the virus infect. So, one should avoid touching his hands to his face. Using tissues and disposing of it later is advisable in this situation.

Pack your own Food and Water

To avoid contracting the disease, one needs to take his meal in his travel. Although health organizations and officials are providing guidelines, one must take precautions for his health. That includes having a meal prepared by yourself and your water bottle. A meal that you are preparing yourself would be in a safe environment, and you would have no doubt having it. Many airplanes don’t regularly clean their water tanks. So having tea, coffee, or any other meal from this water might not be a safe option.

Practice Social Distancing

Avoiding any human contact as much as possible is probably the most effective way to protect yourself from COVID-19. One needs to follow social distance guidelines to ensure safety. Experts say a person can get infected from this virus if he is in a 6-feet distance of an infected person for over 10 minutes. Also, take precautionary measures while standing at check-in counters such as wearing face masks and gloves.

Travel Insurance

An individual should buy travel insurance beforehand, according to the needs and requirements. Many companies are providing with different plans of travel insurance amid coronavirus. Travel medical insurance provides one with all the medical expenses, including the treatment of COVID-19. One must go through all the policies and then choose any plan that would benefit him.

Don’t Travel If Sick

Last and the most important tip is don’t travel if you are sick or not well. If a person is COVID positive, it is dangerous to travel since there is a possibility of spreading the virus. That person must undergo 14 days of self-isolation. Most of the airports are now scanning the passengers upon arrival and departure for checking the temperature. Even if the person has another disease other than COVID still, the airport management might not permit traveling. According to the CDC, a person should wait an entire one day after the temperature drops off before going out. Hence this tip is essential for the health and safety concerns of all the people.

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With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases all around the world, traveling is not the safest option. There are many risks and dangers associated with traveling. Following the guidelines and wearing protective equipment can help to overcome risk factors. Not only are individuals taking safety measures, but airlines, airports, and hotels are keen on implementing safety practices. Hopefully, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can travel worry-free!





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