Seven Ways to Pamper Your Skin

Your skin takes the brunt of everything in the environment. Whether it’s windy, raining, or blazing hot sunshine, your skin is going to feel it. Not only is it going to feel it, your skin is going to change based on the conditions outside. So it makes sense then, that you should want to pamper your skin and make it feel loved, healthy and hydrated.

Throughout life, you are going to deal with skin complaints ranging from clogged pores to acne. It doesn’t matter how old you are, looking after your skin should be of importance to you. Stress can cause your skin some waves, but with the right care your skin will thank you. Whether you are using products like Ethique Solid Beauty Bars or you are choosing your face wash based on your skin type, you need to look at the ways that you can ensure that your skin is benefiting from the product that you’re putting on it. Below, we have seven easy ways that you can pamper your skin.


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Look after your face muscles

To be able to pamper your skin and prevent wrinkles, you need to ensure that your face muscles are being looked after. Emotional and day-to-day stress can make you frown and it can make you feel anxious, which can add some permanent worry lines in your face. Something as simple as a mirror by your screen can help you to make a conscious effort to relax your facial muscles when you catch a glimpse of yourself. Nobody should have to frown all day long. So make an effort to move your skin and your muscles every hour.

Take a break

One of the best ways to pamper yourself day to day is to take a break from your work! Removing the main stresses in your life, even just for a little while, can help you to relax your skin and take some time to treat yourself. When we are stressed, the body releases cortisol – a hormone – which can play a big part in breaking down the collagen in your skin. This can only lead to more wrinkles in the long run. When you take a break from the stress, your skin will take a break, too.

Make sure that you are exfoliating

 If you want to keep your skin looking supple and healthy, you need to exfoliate away the dead skin cells that build up through the day. You should always exfoliate before bedtime and in the morning, and when you’re stressed just give it a little more help and slough off those dead cells. Make sure that you’re using the right products and those that are less abrasive as much as possible. A calming overnight mask can really make a difference and you’ll have smooth skin in the morning.

Book some time with a facial therapist

There is nothing more relaxing than laying in a lovely calming room with essential oils and music playing at the same time. Even better is having a qualified therapist using the correct products to moisturize and hydrate your skin. This is a facial and you need one.

Work on your sleeping routine

Beauty sleep is a phrase that exists for a reason, because lack of sleep gives you so much more than eye circles. It results in inflammation, premature aging and puffiness. While we sleep, the skin works to shed the cells and rebalance your hydration levels. It’s important that skincare and makeup are taken care of before you go to sleep and that you get enough hours of sleep during the day to repair your skin. You can help this by using products like collagen and other beauty powders to enhance your skin.

Look at your diet

If you’re eating a diet of fried and processed foods far too often, you’re going to end up feeling it in your skin. Make an effort to eliminate some of the processed sugar from your diet and cut down on the complex carbohydrates. If you stick to low glycaemic index foods, you may find that your skin starts to improve as a result.

Get advice about face masks

If you’re not somebody who uses facemasks very regularly, it’s time to start. There are plenty of home-made ones that you can use and these can have an amazing effect on your skin and really help to elevate your mood at the same time. There are all sorts of masks out there. There are some that hydrate, brighten, some are clarifying and others promote cell renewal and strengthening. Either way get some advice about which face mask would work for your skin type.





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