The 5 Best Coastal Activities In Australia

With at least 500 thousand visitors flocking to Australia each month, it’s clear there’s always something exciting happening down south. From stunning landscapes to some of the best beaches in the world, Australia has plenty to offer, especially if you stick around the coast.

For many, the coast is the only place to be, so if you’re planning a trip to Australia, here are the five best coastal activities to explore.


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Swimming With Sharks

Swimming with sharks sounds terrifying, and that’s because it can be, especially if you book a great white tour. However, remember you are safe inside a robust cage, so the sharks cannot get in, and the experience will be otherworldly. 

If you’re not keen on that, you can swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef. Whale sharks are huge but harmless, and the best time to visit is between March and November when they visit the reef for feeding.

Road Trip

There are few better ways to spend your vacation than a road trip, especially when you want to see as much as possible. For a coastal experience, the Great Ocean Road will scratch your adventurous itch and offers the flexibility you will not find on a guided tour. 

Start in Melbourne and work your way across the coast to witness cliffs and rock formations like the Twelve Apostles. You can find accommodation anywhere, but camping at Port Campbell National Park offers a quick little break to kick back and relax.

Fishing Charter

If you’d rather stay above the water, Gold Coast fishing charters are a fantastic way to spend the day. You can book a half-day activity or spend your entire day on the ocean trying to catch a wide range of fish, including marlin and tuna. 

This activity is ideal for anyone keen to prove their skills or try deep-sea fishing for the first time. You can also keep your catch so you have something to throw on the barbie later.

Great Barrier Reef

Everyone knows about the Great Barrier Reef, and with global warming and ocean issues, you should see it as soon as possible before it’s gone. Try scuba diving or snorkeling tours to view the biggest stretch of coral in the world and swim alongside an array of wildlife, including your favorite fish and even sea turtles. Don’t forget to research beforehand so you can book with an eco-friendly tour company.

Whale Watching

There are many places to see whales around the Australian coastline, but anyone who’s been there and done that will tell you Hervey Bay is the best place to go. Considered Queensland’s hidden gem, it is located right off Fraser Island and is the perfect spot for seeing wildlife you’d never witness elsewhere. It’s a popular spot for nature photographers, but regular tourists will also be amazed by what they see. Go between July and November to catch the best sights and an experience you’ll never forget.

Coasting Along

The Australian coast offers an array of exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experiences you cannot pass up. Whether you’re hitting the open road or diving into the unknown, there’s something for everybody. Of course, you can also just spend your time at the beach because you deserve a rest too.

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