The Best Ways To Rejuvenate Your Travel-Worn Skin

Travel is an undeniably amazing experience for our minds, but our bodies don’t always fare so well. Exposure to things like unusually hot weather and dry, sandy air can be especially bad for our skin. And, that can leave you paying the price on the skin front when you get back home. 

Obviously, sunscreen is the absolute best way to avoid this issue, and you should apply at least a 30 SPF sunscreen regularly throughout your trips. But even after taking this precaution, you might find that your skin needs a little extra TLC when you get home. And, we’ve got some top skin tips to help you administer it.


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Hydrate as much as you can

Almost all elements of travel can be terrible for drying out our skin. Even your flight over can be dehydrating. Then there’s the constant sun exposure of most locations, and the generally dryer air of sunny climes. If you’re near the sea, you may also find that exposure to salt and sand leaves your skin begging for hydration.

So, getting back to skin health is all about hydrating as much as you can, and this luckily doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Simple things, like taking cool showers during your first few days at home, can help your skin start to heal. You should then pair this with additional treatments like a daily moisturizer, moisturizing face masks, and even dietary additions like nuts and seeds. All of which will help to get your skin healthy and glowing again in no time.

Treat sun damage

It can be frustrating to deal with signs of sun damage like rough and blotchy skin when you’ve applied sunscreen every day of your trip. Unfortunately, these things do happen, and treating sun damage is essential for ensuring that even your love for travelling doesn’t leave you with skin issues like pigmentation loss or liver spots in later life.

Luckily, there are now plenty of ways to tackle this kind of damage, including everything from treatments such as oxygen facial therapy right through to more extreme treatments like chemical peels and dermabrasion. Simply talk to your local experts, and they’ll help you to identify the severity of the damage that you’re dealing with and the best option for better skin moving forward.

Avoid Exfoliation

When your skin is feeling tight and sore, you may reach for your exfoliator without even thinking about it. After all, your sun-kissed skin will soon start itching and peeling, and you probably want to speed up that process as much as possible! In reality, though, it’s always best to avoid exfoliating until your skin has naturally healed from sunburn itself.

Peeling skin is incredibly sensitive, and exfoliation is so abrasive that, far from helping, it can actually extend your skin’s healing time and the pain you experience. So, if in doubt, always wait it out and turn to hydration instead.

Your travel-worn skin doesn’t need to worsen your post-trip blues any longer. Simply step back into great skin using these tips.





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