After 10 years of travelling just using a backpack or carry on suitcase, I have become pretty savvy with choosing what makes the cut. I really only pack the essentials and this is no exception when it comes to the travel first-aid kit.

There is no doubt things can go wrong whilst travelling, and it pays to be prepared! I really on pack the essentials, as most of the time if I need anything extra like Nurofen, I am in walking distance to a chemist. Obviously, if you have allergies, are on medication, need a puffer or going camping or hiking where perhaps you might need that snake bite kit your list will be a bit different.

In saying that definitely forgo those expensive kits marketed to travellers who don’t know better. You can easily put together a kit with just the important things and buy the rest as needed.

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The Only 5 Things I Pack In My Travel First-Aid Kit


If I could only choose one thing to pack in our travel first-aid kit it would be Travelan! Although not the most fun topic to talk about chances are, if you’ve been to Asia before, you would have experienced the dreaded traveller’s diarrhoea!

This horrible inconvenience is the most common travel-related illness, in fact, it is estimated that 20 million travellers will get travellers diarrhoea each year! Even if you are super careful and steer clear of street food, local water and use all the hand sanitizer, those nasty bacteria have a way of getting into your immune system and wreaking havoc!

So what do you do if you find yourself with Delhi belly, Bali belly, Turkey trots or whatever you want to call it? You usually just have to wait it out. So, why not prevent altogether!?

Most people pack those over the counter drugs that you take once you have the diarrhoea in hopes to help relieve some of the soul-sucking symptoms, but Travelan actually prevents diarrhoea from occurring in the first place. YES PLEASE!

It is a medication designed to reduce the risk of infection of Travellers’ Diarrhoea, Travelan’s active pharmaceutical ingredient contains naturally occurring antibodies, the proteins that prevent and fight infection specifically developed to target the bacteria which causes Travellers’ Diarrhoea. The scientific formulation is clinically proven to reduce the risk of diarrhoea by up to 90%!

Travelan caplets contain hyperimmune bovine colostrum which is enriched with anti E.coli antibodies. When taken before meals the antibodies can bind to and neutralise diarrhoea-causing bacteria and prevent them from growing in the gastrointestinal tract and making you sick.

Just take one tablet before a meal with bottled water to protect against diarrhoea. Best bit? It’s available from pharmacies without a prescription! It is also a very inexpensive travel insurance for that added peace of mind!

Travelan was developed by Immuron an Australian Biotechnology company and if you are in Australia you can purchase Travelan over the counter at all major pharmacies or online. If you are in the USA you can buy online from Amazon or from Passport Health Travel medicine clinics.


It’s an ongoing joke in my house that I think you can fix anything with Savlon. I am yet to convince my partner who still rolls his eyes at me whenever he comes to me with a ‘medical problem’ and I say just put some Savlon on it.

Savlon is an antiseptic cream that gently soothes the skin to help fight infection and aid healing of minor skin disorders. I often get heat rash if I am in the sun too long and this soothes it immediately. It is also great if you have dry itchy skin.

Savlon Antiseptic Cream contains effective germ-killing and cleansing agents. The smooth moisturising cream base allows gentle application onto damaged skin which is great for cuts, blisters, windburn and insect bites!

3. Bandaids

An obvious essential in any first-aid kit is the trusty band-aid or plaster. I mainly pack these as when I travel I walk A LOT. Like a lot a lot. And this often can bring on blisters.

Don’t get crazy and pack a whole box. I usually take a few stripes of different sizes, including a couple of large ones for more serious cuts. Keeping wounds clean, especially in Asia is so important as even the smallest cut can get infected in the hot and dusty climate. I also rub a little Salvon on before adding the bandaid so it is less likely to get infected.

4. Eye drops

I suffer from hayfever so eye drops are really an essential for me. Especially when I am travelling somewhere during the spring or with a lot of pollen in the air.

I have also found they come in handy on flights. The air in the cabin is exceptionally dry, probably drier than the air in the desert. This is because, at the altitude most aircraft fly, the moisture content is extremely low. With dried out sinuses and nasal passages, it’s actually easier to catch something passed along from another passenger. So its best to stay extremely hydrated during your flight.

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5. Antihestaitmaine

While you’re travelling in you’re going to come into contact with different foods and different environments which could lead to an allergic reaction. You may even get bitten by different types of insects and bugs if you are out exploring in different landscapes. Antihistamine tablets are good for bites and rashes! I also need them because of my hayfever.


So that was our minimal travel first-aid kit! What do you always pack in yours? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was in collaboration with Travelan. As always opinions, photos and ideas remain my own.

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