The Wellness Benefit Of Giving Yourself Some Credit

It’s very easy to denigrate yourself. We tend to be our own biggest critics in life, and even those who might seem completely unaware of themselves can struggle with this from time to time.

For this reason, it’s very easy to minimize your accomplishments, to dismiss your wants, or to have trouble appreciating your worthwhile qualities. After a little while, this cycle of thinking can become a bad habit that, unfortunately, becomes an issue you really do need to deal with. 

But what’s the best way to overcome this issue? We personally believe that giving yourself some credit, and being sure to do this as a wellness tactic, is a good counter. That might seem like an approach geared towards deluding yourself, but the truth is, we’re more certain that the negative self-talk you might engage in is less truthful than any positive encouragement you tell yourself.

So – how can you give yourself some credit from time to time, and what’s the wellness benefit of doing exactly that? Let’s consider this, below:


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How You Express Yourself

It’s very easy to limit yourself into a little box – as we feel who we’re supposed to be, how we should present ourselves, and what we’re allowed to do quite significantly, especially as we get older. But there’s no shame in wanting a change. For instance, it might be that you’re fifty but wish for your first tattoo. That’s perfectly fine, and we’re sure it’ll look great. Perhaps now you have the funds to fix problem teeth or opt for veneers – that’s great too. Don’t let someone suggest a change ‘isn’t who you are,’ as there’s nothing wrong with healthy self-expression.

Celebrating Your Little Wins

When you build a wall, you do so brick by brick. This means an improved life is often constructed by little wins you enjoy. Don’t dismiss them, no matter how humble they are. Let’s say you’ve managed to go on a run for the first time post-pregnancy. Sure, in terms of your favourite athlete’s achievements, that might not compare so well. But you are not your favorite athlete. You’re you. You get to be proud of the efforts you may, no matter how small, because it takes careful and direct action to achieve that. So if you’re proud of yourself, even if that means starting two paragraphs of your new short story, you’re more likely to keep going.

Positive Self-Talk & Personal Friendship

If a friend were to speak to you how you spoke to yourself, would you keep them around in your life? Try to mind your self-talk and also be careful about what beliefs you entertain. Healthy criticism of past actions is good, but dismissing yourself for the smallest of mistakes isn’t. Try and be a friend you’re responsible for caring about. In the long run, it will help you avoid the fear of putting yourself first, or at least being there for you when you need it.

With this advice, you’re sure to see the wellness benefit of giving yourself some credit.





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