Top 10 Best Sailing Destinations on Your Yacht Charter Getaway in Malaysia

Malaysia is the heart of Southeast Asia and it’s open to all! The country just announced recently that it is now open to all international tourists. Hence, now is the best time to sail away and enjoy its tropical weather. You can luxuriously enjoy it all if you’d charter a yacht around Malaysia’s islands. There are over 20,000 islands to explore in and around the country and the following are the ones that we highly recommend that you visit:


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Langkawi is easily one of the most well-known islands in Southeast Asia. This is because this Malaysian island is a biodiversity hotspot that offers picturesque views of a pristine and faithfully preserved ecosystem. So much so that this island chain is even enlisted as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Sailing to Langkawi is also quite a treat as it is home to most of Malaysia’s finest luxury hotels that include Ritz-Carlton Langkawi and Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. In Langkawi, you’d have 99 different islands to explore where you’d get to see rich marine life, coral reefs, and ancient mangroves.


East of Peninsular Malaysia is the beautiful Redang archipelago. This luxurious destination is perfect for yacht charterers as there are many beautiful spots to explore. Diving and snorkeling are extra fun at Redang because it has crystal-clear waters. It also boasts of excellently preserved coral reefs. Redang is so picturesque. So much so that so many movies have already been shot in the area, including Summer Holiday (2000).

Mentawai Islands

Right on the west side of Sumatra are the exciting Mentawai Islands that is composed of 70 islands. Surfers love these islands because of their powerful waves. The islands are still pretty untouched as it was only in the early 20th century that it was discovered. Discovering it was tricky as it has unpredictable waves, steep coastlines, and guarded coral reefs. You can go back to the basics and truly feel one with nature if you’d visit these islands.

Anambas Islands

Anambas Islands is home to Pulau Rongkat and Pulau Bawah that has azure waters and pristine white beaches that can easily make one fall in love. These islands are best explored with a private yacht if you want to enjoy its many hidden gems like the Selat Rangsang Beach. These islands are extremely secluded. You would often find lovers enjoying their private getaway on its four smaller islands.


Bintan is one of the Riau archipelago’s beautiful gems. It boasts exquisite turquoise waters that can quickly soothe any visitor. Its pristine beaches have calming effects that have tourists come back every time they could. Opting to stop here while on your private yacht charter is highly ideal as you’d have plenty of luxurious hotels to choose from. PRO TIP: You’d love snorkeling around Mapur Island where you’d get to see the tropical fishes of the South China Sea.


Belitung is a beautiful landmass that is sandwiched between Borneo and Sumatra. There is much to explore in Belitung as it has the South China Sea on its north and the Java Sea on its south. Its southern region is best for surfing. Belitung is famous for its islets that have astonishing rock formations. You’d love exploring white-sand beaches that come with natural sculptures made of large boulders and different rocks. PRO TIP: Belitung has calm waters that are ideal for catamaran sailing yachts.


Batam is also one of the Riau archipelago’s pride gems. Malaysians love visiting it because apart from the fact that it’s very near Kuala Lumpur, it’s also part of the Growth Triangle. You will love Batam if you enjoy golfing. It is home to most of the finest golf courses in the region. It also has numerous luxury hotels and resorts. PRO TIP: Batam is part of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle so shopping is more enjoyable here. It has numerous mega shopping malls that will satisfy all your shopaholic desires!

Similan Islands

Within Thai waters are the beautiful Similan Islands. These islands are best for you if you’re not after upbeat places like Phuket. Similan Islands are extremely secluded and isolated so they’re ideal if you simply want to get away from all the city noise and demands of daily life. There is something uniquely charming about this archipelago because it used to be underwater millions of years ago.

Kota Kinabalu

A visit to Malaysia is incomplete if you don’t get to visit Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu is named after Mount Kinabalu which is believed to be the resting place of ancestral spirits. Mount Kinabalu is the towering mountain between New Guinea and the Himalayas. The island is home to the Kinabalu National Park which is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kota Kinabalu has extremely rich biodiversity as it is home to over 4,500 species of flora and fauna.


Your private yacht charter in Malaysia will be extra fun if you’d get to visit Phuket. Phuket is one of the most visited destinations in Southeast Asia. It is Thailand’s biggest island which is only 135 nautical miles to the north of Malaysia’s Langkawi. Phuket is most famous for its exciting nightlife. It is a place to visit if you want to celebrate life by partying all night. It is also famous for its mangrove forests and limestone cliffs in Ao Phang Nga.





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