Last Wednesday during my favourite twitter chat- #ANZTravelChat, we were discussing Natural Wonders of the world. I was deeply inspired and found myself reminiscing and exploring folders of old travel photos. Our world is full of unique, inspiring and unforgettable places, to compile a short list is near impossible. Instead, I’ve put together 5 of my favourites wonders I have been lucky to encounter and 5 that are high on my bucket list. I hope this post inspires you to see the world!

Halong Bay, Vietnam
I had the pleasure of visiting Halong Bay in July of this year. I did a 2-night cruise through the natural maze of towering limestones. Halong Bay translates to ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’ and is attached to legends that a great dragon created the bay.  The scenery is scattered with Junk Boats bobbing on emerald waters and miniature limestone islands rising from the sea- it is breathtakingly beautiful. During the cruise, you are able to visit spectacular caves, take rewarding sea kayak expeditions and cruise through 1000’s of islands. Designated as a World Heritage site in 1994, this mystical landscape of limestone, untouched beaches and exotic caves is a must do on your next trip to Vietnam.

Natural Wonders, Halongbay1Natural Wonders, halongbay2
Pamukkale, Turkey
I’ve said it before, but you’re going to hear about it again. Turkey is my favourite place on this earth. I first travelled there on a solo adventure in 2012 and still to this day talking about it brings a crazy amount of joy and appreciation! If you haven’t experienced it yet you are missing the extraordinary Pamukkale, also known as ‘Cotton Castle; -appropriate no? This geological wonderland is also the site of the ancient city of Hierapolis and over the centuries the two have seemed to come together as one touristy phenomenon catering to all travellers. Pamukkale is an enchanting sight and every photographs dream. The beautiful calcium enriched pools and ancient city earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site title in the 1970s.

Natural Wonders,pamukkale1Natural Wonders,pamukkale




































Cappadocia, Turkey
It’s hard to put into word the epic wonder that is Cappadocia. Especially when experienced at sunrise from a hot air balloon. Cappadocia located in Goreme national park about 750km from Istanbul is home to the unique geological features called fairy chimneys. The large, rock formations were created over time by erosion of the relatively soft volcanic ash around them. Cappadocia boasts incredible scenery,  hiking potential, incredible history- including a cool underground city, and my favourite the opportunity to see it all from the sky in a hot water balloon.

Natural Wonders,cappadoccia2Natural Wonders,cappadoccia1

Cinque Terre, Italy
This picturesque seaside natural wonder is made up of 5 villages perched high atop the rocky Mediterranean coastline. The Cinque Terre National Park is protected and towns are connected by a hiking trail that travellers may explore. The towering hills against breathtaking turquoise waters and colourful building are what you will be rewarded with throughout your day-long hike.

Natural Wonders,cinqueterre1Natural Wonders,cinqueterre2

Mount Fuji, Japan
Mt Fuji is Japan’s highest peak, with height reaching about 12,300 feet. Japan is a very spiritual with Mt. Fiji becoming a place for worship and folk legends relating to the mountain. Together with the Sakura during May the area of Hakone becomes an impressive sight.

Natural Wonders,tumblr_nietijMU8u1tkairwo1_1280



















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Here are 5 more Natural Wonders that are on top of my bucket list

Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Image by Luke Shadbolt via Gary Pepper


Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, Norway

Natural Wonders,geirangerfjord-s

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The Himalayas

Natural Wonders, Himalayas

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Blue Hole, Belize

Natural Wonders,blue_ocean_landscapes_nature_great_blue_hole_belize_blue_hole_1600x1200_wallpaper_Wallpaper
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Grand Canyon

Natural Wonders,Grand Canyon

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Check out my full bucket list here or create your own 🙂

What are your favourite natural wonders? Comment below!

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*All photos were taken by myself unless stated otherwise.