Today Bali is drawing record crowds with a good majority of Aussies visiting so often they refer to it as their second home. Being a half Indonesian creation myself I have the pleasure of visiting quite frequently, but even though I’m VISITING the island every 6 months there is constantly new and exciting eateries popping up!  Bali has become so popular because it has something for everyone. You’ll find all kinds of travellers there, from the backpackers to the spiritual yogis, luxury travellers, to families and surfers. Because Bali’s tourism is so diverse it has adapted to cater to all, becoming a food lover’s haven. There are authentic warungs, fine dining experiences and specialised restaurants, I have tried a great deal but the below keep me going back every single visit! Here are our top Restaurants in Seminyak!


My top 6 Restaurants in Seminyak

Zanzibar- Beachfront in Legian

They have a really good variety, with fresh seafood and huge salads. They also do a fairly good latte :). My favourite meal is the grilled fisherman’s basket, pictured below.

BaliPost_Zanzibar1,restaurants in seminyakBaliPost_Zanzibar2,restaurants in seminyakBaliPost_Zanzibar3


Zucchini- On Laksmana Street in Seminyak

Great salads and good breakfasts just like home. Go for your daily coffee right in the main hub of Seminyak.


BaliPost_Zuchini,restaurants in seminyak


Warung Ocha- On Seminyak Road in Seminyak

This once was just a tiny authentic Indonesian warung that only served traditional food the traditional way (from the window) it has since renovated its space
and boasts a full a la carte menu in a relaxing setting ( which is good coming in from shopping the busy street) but still serves those yummy Indonesian favourites. It’s also SUPER cheap!

BaliPost_WarungOcha,restaurants in seminyak


Warung Yogya- On Padma Utara in Legian

I’ve been going here since I was 7 (now 24) and it hasn’t changed. It is authentic, real, home-style cooking for next to nothing ( literally everything on the menu is $2.00).
It is so tasty! Get the Nasi Campur ( Rice with assorted goodies).



Sea Circus- Just off Jalan Kayu Aya in Seminyak

An iconic little cafe in the heart of Seminyak with cute decor and amazing breakfast.  With inspiration from Melbourne cafe, this little space has earned its stop on the list for having amazing ‘Australia’ coffee and a killer breakfast menu. With global influences and fresh local produce, this cafe is a must-do!

BaliPost_SeaCircus1,restaurants in seminyak


Sushimi- On Jalan Dhyanapura in Seminyak

This is one of my more recent discoveries, yet have already managed to eat here a bunch of times! I constantly get cravings for Sushi when I’m travelling and this place always manages to hit the spot. With some of the freshest Sashimi and rolls I have ever tasted (and I’ve been to Japan) and specials on Friday, this place is perfect when you need that lighter option. My favourites are the gyoza and salmon salad, they also stock my favourite cold pressed juice from “The Seed”.


BaliPost_Sushimi1,restaurants in seminyak



Honourable mention for the Vegos- Earth Cafe

BaliPost_EarthOrganics1,restaurants in seminyak


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+I’d also go to, Betelnut (Cangguu), La Plancha (Seminyak), Motel Mexicola (Seminyak),Biku (seminyak)

I could go on forever if you also are heading to Ubud but let’s save that for another day.
Also, check out The Bali Bible Instagram for amazing photos of yum foods and great places to go!

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What are your top Restaurants in Seminyak? Share below!

Peace and love my wanderers,

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24 thoughts on “My top 6 Restaurants in Seminyak

  1. I’m getting hungry looking at all the delicious salads and main courses. The latte looks good, too! I would love to visit Bali!

  2. I’ve never been to Bali. But it’s on my list! These meals look amazing. I’d like to try each one.

  3. These all look so delicious! I would love to try that burger from the Vegos – Earth Cafe. I will have to keep this in mind if I ever travel there.

  4. I hope to make it to Bali one day and check out as many of these restaurants as possible but I do love the sound of the Zanzibar restaurant

  5. Beachfront in Legian sounds so good. I am up for anything with fresh seafood. It’s my favorite kind of food.

  6. I have yet to make it to this area traveling. It is on my bucket list and I will keep this list handy if I ever do make it there.

  7. I would love to visit Bali and this post makes me want to go even more! Great photos and the food looks delicious.

  8. That food looks amazing! I should really stop reading foodie posts when I’m starving and need to make lunch LOL. I’ll get to Bali one of these days and then maybe I’ll get to eat such delicious foods too!

  9. The food looks so amazing and fresh! I’ve never been to Bali (probably the last Aussie who hasn’t ventured over there) but I’ve been to some South Pacific Islands which were lovely. It’s on my list! Great post 🙂

    Kate |

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