Top tips to Plan the Perfect Aussie Road Trip

Travelling by car is a great opportunity to see local attractions, regardless of the country where you are. First, you don’t depend on public transport, timetables, or other people. Secondly, you can plan your own route and see a lot of new sights. This, in our opinion, is the perfect way to see Australia!

Forget about boring excursions and tedious rhythm when you need to visit all places with a guide because you paid for it. Now you decide on your own what and when you want to see it. But there are a few things to know to plan the perfect Aussie road trip!

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Use Google Maps

It is best if you plan your travel itinerary and use a car navigator. Alternatively, you can use Google Maps. This is a fairly informative application that will help you when traveling by car or on foot. It is enough to save several routes and put your smartphone on the side panel of your car. Now you can always check the Australian maps and listen to the voice prompts of the mobile assistant

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Prepare Yourself

You should also take care of your safety and collect all the essentials. Don’t forget your first aid kit, personal documents, your ID, and various gadgets to make your trip easier. For example, you can purchase a lot of essentials like the ones from this dune rooftop tent review. This will help you organize your parking space more comfortably somewhere in the forest or on flat terrain.

A supply of water and food will also be useful. You can still eat at local restaurants, but some MRE packages are quite useful. It’s like an army food with a flameless warmer. Several of these packages will make your life easier if your car breaks down far from a service center or gas station.

Editors Tip: Don’t forget that if you are from another country and planning a road trip in Australia then you need to get an IDP.

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Pick the Right Vehicle

A car’s choice is not a problem because car-sharing services are very developed in Australia and other countries. But you should understand in advance which route you want to take.

Any car can drive along with large cities and asphalt highways. But the two-seater Smart is unlikely to be more efficient than Land Rover or Jeep. If you are going to travel off-road, you should choose an SUV with four-wheel drive and high ground clearance. Then you will easily overcome any terrain.

Check Your Car

After you decide on the car, you should inspect its technical condition. It is best to travel in your own vehicle. Then you will definitely know all the nuances. But even if you choose car-sharing services, you can be sure of the quality. You need to inspect the car and make sure you have a spare wheel, jack, and other accessories like car mats and liners. Take a test drive and ask the manager how long the car has been serviced.

Create Music List

Long journeys can be exhausting, so you’d better download your favorite music to your smartphone in advance to connect to the onboard speaker system. Not all Australian places have a stable LTE or 3G connection, so offline music is a good alternative. Then you can feel comfortable.

Pick Your Route

We all know the standard guidebooks and places to visit. It’s very boring, especially if you’ve already been there. Try to take a non-standard route that is not particularly popular with tourists. Perhaps you will see much more there than in the publicized locations. Besides, it is always interesting to feel like a pioneer and drive where your friends haven’t been yet.

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Eat Local And Stay Local

Even if you have a van with everything you need or mobile home, you should still stop at the nearby motels or hostels to relax. It’s more comfortable. Plus, you can replenish food and water supplies and charge your power generators. The local cuisine is often delicious, and you can add it to your gastronomic preference list.

Pack the Essentials

If you have perishable food or would like to take drinks with you, you need to get a cool bag. This will make it much easier to transport your food and drinks. You can have a picnic with friends and not look for the nearest store. Most of these devices even allow you to store an entire soda box if you find a container of the right size.

Find the Petrol/Power stations

If you have chosen a car with a gasoline engine, you should stock up on an additional canister for 10-20 liters. This will keep you safe and help you get to the nearest gas station.

You’d also better make a list of the nearest gas stations in advance and fill up your vehicle with a full tank. Traveling in an electric car is also possible, but you can hardly go deep into Australia as even portable solar panels will not provide you with the needed proper charge level.

Travel With Friends

Traveling with friends is a good idea. You can travel alone if you like it and need a little privacy. But companions provide not only a good mood but also real protection. For example, your friend will help you in an emergency, call an ambulance, or protect you from wild animals if you cannot do this for some reason.

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