Travel Blogger’s Cameras

After some observations, I found that the general consensus when it came to FAQ was “What camera do you use?” Since I am after an upgrade myself, I’ve decided to turn my research into a collaborative post.

I asked my favourite wanderers what camera they preferred to shoot with, like me most use a variety, with the canon, go pro and iPhone being mentioned a few times.  I absolutely loved working on this post, and seeing the different photos that were people’s favourites!





Travel Blogger’s Cameras

Aileen Adalid

“I actually use a wide variety of cameras: a DSLR, a GoPro, an instant camera, and a point & shoot. However, if I have to choose only one, I would pick my Canon Powershot G7 X because it’s not only light and non-bulky for travel, but it also takes amazing shots and video coverage despite it being a point & shoot! (Its manual functions are also very versatile). Most of my photos are actually taken with this and I’ve loved it ever since.”

Phoebe Lee

“I use a Canon EOS 7D to capture most of my photographs. I bought a Sigma Art Series (18-35mm f1.8 lens) last year and use that for those really smooth, close-up shots. Sometimes I use my GoPro, for underwater work. We recently got a drone, so we’re just starting to test that out for the ultimate travel selfies!”

Jill and Patrick

“Our favourite camera is currently the Fujifilm x100S. It is an awesome camera for on the go. It is lightweight and super easy to just throw in a bag and head out. The x100S gives us crystal clear photos in almost any light condition and can handle anything we throw at it. It shoots really well in low light and makes skin tones look flawless. Not only does it shoot very well, but it’s stylish and looks retro.
I absolutely love this photo of Jill. We casually shot this near a rice field, next to our Villa in Bali. I love her expression and the colouring is amazing. ”

Daniel James

“I mainly shoot on a Canon 5D mark 2 – I got it second hand and I really love it. I also just upgrade to the iPhone 6 and the camera quality is fantastic, making it ideal for quick photos of the blog. I’m hoping to the latest model soon, but always recommend people get a great quality camera when they are starting out but not necessarily top of the range. A second-hand option is fantastic for learning whilst still having good enough quality photos to re-edit and use again down the line.

Favourite photo? Such a tough call but this was my favourite from my last trip in India….”


“I always travel with my Fujifilm X-T1 or X-T10 camera on adventures. I’ve found that they have the best quality for the type of photography I’m doing, with a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and great WiFi connectivity to my iPhone so I can transfer pictures easily. I’m also obsessed with the vintage style body on the X-T10 model!”

Angela Giakas

“For the majority of my photos, I use a Canon 7D and sometimes even my iPhone! It’s great for capturing quick shots when my SLR is too heavy to carry around.
Choosing a favourite travel photo was so hard but I think it’s this one from Santorini that I’ve attached. It’s such a magical island and I’ll never forget stepping off the boat & seeing it all for the first time!”


Now it’s your turn! What is your favourite Camera? Share in the comments below and feel free to link me to your favourite photo 😉 



Love and light my mystic wanderers <3




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Travel Blogger's Cameras





24 thoughts on “Travel Blogger’s Cameras

  1. It’s awesome to learn about what some of my favorite bloggers are using 🙂 I have the canon rebel sl1 (also known as the eos 100d) and I love it because it’s the world’s smallest DSLR that can be carried around anywhere super easily! Love these types of round-ups, and makes me want to get the canon g7x!

  2. Great post, I am sorry to see that people are not choosing Nikon so I will be the first. We started with a D3200 and found that it did not have some features we wanted. The most important was the ability to shoot HDR sets. We recently upgraded to a D5000 we found in Chiang Mai and it offers the features we were missing. Allowed us to shoot with two cameras now.

  3. Again, surprised to see nobody mentioned Nikon. Although honestly, I myself have not been using my Nikon camera since I got my GoPro and I already had an iphone6 +

  4. I love my little Canon powershot, but I never bring it along for really active days (like hiking). I always have my trusty iPhone and that is how I capture 90% of my photos.

  5. This is such an amazing post! I’m always on the hunt to upgrade my DSLR equipment, and I think I found the right kinda post! I didn’t know about any of those bloggers, so thanks Kayla! Now I know which one to buy. I’m always using my Canon 550D, but I guess I have to upgrade a bit! x

  6. I do not have a favourite camera. I have two (Nikon and Canon) and find they serve different purposes for me, depending on where I am and what kind of shots I want to take. I love your pictures, clear, detailed and stunning. Aileen’s picture is beautiful!

  7. This was really helpful! I want a new camera so badly and I LOVE the photos Go Pros capture but it actually sounds like people don’t use them that much? And man if I spent that much on a camera I would want it to get some use. So hmmm…

  8. I use a Canon G1X and a gopro hero 3+ but my boyfriend has a Sony A7Rii and it’s AMAZING. I tend to steal it more and more. 🙂

  9. I recently bought the Sony A5100, mirrorless camera, light and changeable lens. Needs to play with it more!

  10. I’m in love with my Sony a7II! We rarely use our GoPro, but it’s fun to have for diving. And I agree with others that you shouldn’t dismiss your iPhone – it’s my go to for hiking and other outdoor activities. – Evanne

  11. Love that we get to know what other traveler recommend! I am using normal a mix between my Iphone6, GoPro 4 or my old Canon EOS60D (I am still in love with it!) – depending on the situation wich one to pick 🙂

  12. You have fantastic pictures. This is one area of my profile that I really mean to improve greatly, because I’m a woeful photographer. I don’t even know what decent tools I should invest into, but I’m certainly considering buying a GoPro, because it feels so much more convenient and able to do a lot of things in one.

  13. I use Canon Mark II and it works the best way for me. However, it is also about using LightRoom and Photoshop.

  14. We are not pro so wanted to go for a simple one Canon powershot 50x and its awesome. We do use iphone sometimes which works just fine.

  15. These photos are gorgeous! I want a new digital camera, I’ve been using my phone but I’d love to step my game up.

  16. Not a single mention of Nikon. That’s surprising. I am not a traveller, but whenever I have been on any tour, I have felt the need of a mirrorless (Sony in that case, they have some awesome mirrorless cameras). DSLR’s feel bulky in such situations.

  17. Beautiful photos and I found this really handy as I have no idea about cameras XD I have a Canon but no idea what it is or what it does, it has lenses that can change…? I think it’s one of the “point and shoot” things though I really have no idea. Photos come out lovely though!

  18. I use the Nikon D3200 and absolutely love it! However those photographs above are amazing. While the camera plays a major part (duh, it takes the photo) It’s the photographer that makes or breaks an image.. I’m still working on making more than breaking!

  19. I like that you made a list of what different people use, not just what you use, very helpful!

  20. I always see the camera question everywhere! And though I do agree that having a great camera will encourage you to use it more, it’s never just about the tech, but what you do with it. Post-processing can also do wonders! I loved reading about what others used. Personally, I use a Fuji XT-10 and absolutely love it. The colours are absolutely beautiful and rivals that of a DSLR though the camera is probably more than half the size! An iPhone can also go a long way!

  21. I loved my Canon Eos 70D, but with a few lenses it was too big and bulky for easy travel. Now using a mirrorless. Olympus OMD EM1 with a PEN-F for backup. When I’m wedged into Economy, I shoot out the window with a Canon Eos M3 (a mirrorless version of the 700D) which is tiny and has an awesome telephoto lens.

    And yes, often I just whip out the iPhone.

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