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Are you one of those well-travelled gypsy’s forever exploring the globe? Or perhaps you are a bright eyed and bushy tailed youngster who has never left Australian Shores? Whatever the case, it’s a beautiful thing to experience different cultures and walks of life whilst meeting an array of colourful characters along the way. See below for our Travel Bucketlist


This is where to go if you want adventure. Think safari’s, treks through the jungle and hot deserts, and spectacular colourful bazaars . If you are an archeology enthusiast then head to Johannesburg where two million year old human bones were found. Animal lovers, this is a perfect place to connect with nature and see the beauty of these wild beasts in their natural habitat. A lot of people also travel to Africa to volunteer their time to help out various organisations in providing food, water and clothing to famine and drought effected areas. Full of history, go and admire the incredible work in Egypt or get lost inside the chaotic and colourful bazaars of Morocco.


Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Mosque, Casablanca Morocco


Whilst India can be overwhelming for some, no one can dispute that visiting the country is an absolute eye-opener. The culture, the people, the food and the natural beauty all mixed up in a world of organised chaos. Glimpsing the areas of India with extreme poverty such as the slums, and seeing the numerous beggars on the street really makes you question your own life and your own values. Materialistic objects suddenly become meaningless and instead you realise that relationships with loved ones have the most value.


Taj Mahal, India

 Image credit: Bucketlistly (one of our favourites sites!)



Another densely populated country with so much incredible history. The Great Wall of China is an obvious must visit. The magnitude of it is not truly realised until you are standing in front of this vast giant. The food in China will definitely take you out of your comfort zone, as will the crowds. Whilst a lot of Chinese people speak English, there are still many that only speak Mandarin. I always love going to areas where hardly anyone speaks English as I find it more of a challenge, and connecting with people is always that much more rewarding.


Great Wall of China, Beijing China



An exotic, historic gem in South East Asia. Utterly compelling, Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty and heritage, boosting vast experiences, smells and culture. Start your journey in the hustle of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), take a local train ride to beach side Nha Trang, wander through the ancient and enchanting street of Hoi An before heading up north. Discovering the islands of Halong bay and hike until your heart’s content in the rice field of Sapa. Vietnam literally has it all and can be done rather cheaply.


Hoi An, Vietnam


Eastern Europe is one of my favourite places to visit as it attracts a lot fewer tourists than the rest of Europe. Croatia in particular still has so much of its history painted on it’s face. You will often walk past buildings that are covered in bullet holes or ravaged in some way from the Croatian War of Independence back in the 90’s. The Plitvice Lakes National Park just near the Serbian border has some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see. Perfect for hikers and nature lovers as the country is full of picturesque landscapes and amazing history.

 Image credit: Tuula

Doing the hike up the mountain to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience. The Inca ruins are a fantastic insight into Peru’s ancient history and the view from the top is absolutely breathtaking. If you are into the more mystical side of things, Peru has a vast number of spiritual advisors and healers, and people come from all around the world to partake is ayahuasca ceremonies. Peru is also great for adrenaline junkies with sandboarding, paragliding and ice climbing as just some of the many options.

Machu Picchu, Peru




Where are you planning on travelling in 2015?

Comment below as we will be featuring the most popular destinations in the next instalment of Travel Bucketlist! You can also make your own bucket list here, make sure you follow us! 🙂

Keep Wanderering


Words By Katelyn Rew
All Other Images by Kayla Manoe


29 thoughts on “Travel Bucketlist

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post! One of the things on my bucket lists is to visit all 7 wonders of the world! We have crossed of the Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China. The Colosseum will be achieved in our upcoming trip to Europe (only 10 days to go woo hoo). And hopefully Chichen Itza, Christ the Redeemer and Machu Picchu will be seen next year when we plan our South American holiday! I think Petra and the honorary mention of the Pyramids of Giza will be the outliers, but I would love to do Africa as a family vacation for the safaris…so maybe in a couple of years time! Ohhhh travel makes me so happy!

    1. Hi Joanne,
      Thank you so much for taking the time out to comment! I’m so glad you liked our post. I’ve always loved travelling but only recently found my love for writing about travel ( you know some thing to pass the time whilst not on an adventure ). I’ve seen the Colosseum twice- it is seriously incredible. One of my favourites places though is Cappadoccia in Turkey! Have you been? Petra looks incredible as well – its high on my list! Next up though i think will be Iceland. xx

  2. 2015 is more of a year for domestic travel for me, and I have already visited new-to-me cities like Indianapolis and Lake Charles as well as old favorites like New York City and Las Vegas. I have big plans for 2016 though. If all goes to plan, then I will get to several new countries next year.

    1. I need to part take in some more local travel. I have plans to hopefully do Melbourne and Tasmania this year. What are your plans for 2016? Would love to add them to our next bucketlist! x

  3. These are great places to visit in Asia. I’ve only been to China, but I would love to visit all the other places on your list. I have always wanted to go to Peru and explore Machu Picchu.

  4. As of now, I don’t have travel plans outside Asia. Peru and Croatia both look good however I don’t know where to get budget to fund the accommodation and activities for those trips. Do you also set goals as for the number of places you should visit per year?

    1. Saving and prioritising is hard isn’t it. I usually try and do a big trip once a year then a couple of smaller trips. This year I visited Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam and am still hoping to get to a few more places. 🙂 x

  5. My brother in law is in Peru right now! We have only done local traveling in the US this year. I did go to San Diego this summer it was a ton of fun to visit and explore.

    1. I’m from Australia and have made a promise to myself to do some local travel this year! How was San Diego, it’s somewhere I really want to visit when I get around to travelling to USA x

    1. Croatia is definitely high on my list! I’m kicking myself I didn’t do it the last two times I was in Europe- but what a glorious excuse to go back 😀 x

  6. I want to travel so many places. We’ve been watching alot of travel shows on TV and they are inspiring me to add to the list of places I’d love to visit. There are some major world wide landmarks, I’d like to see!

  7. Very inspirational. Some of these destinations are also on my must sees, however, I’ve never given Croatia much thought. Its sounds rather interesting, though. And sunny. Also, the fact that Game of Thrones has been filmed there could also make it an interesting experience.

    I’ve also written about my must sees. Feel free to check it out, Kayla:

    1. Wow Crystal thank you so much for your kind words! Where’s next up for you? I’m thinking Iceland for myself! I’ve just checked out your site! I love it- i realised as well I already follow you on facebook but added you on twitter as well :).

  8. Wow you just gave me some major inspiration for my travel bucket list! I have never been to any of these choices but they all sound interesting for sure! I personally have England on my list right now. Hoping to be able to make a trip in the next year or two.

    1. Yay so glad you have been inspired! When we right these pieces that’s what we are hoping to do. We love sharing our experiences so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have a nice time in England, do you know where you will go yet? It’s a fabulous country 🙂

  9. These looks like excellent vacation destinations. I would love to see the world but I am afraid to fly overseas. My daughter loves everything Egypt and I know that someday I will have to take her there to see it with her own eyes. She would love these pictures, I will have to show her.

    1. Melissa, are you afraid of flying (in general) or just flying overseas? I hope your daughter gets to experience the brilliance history of the pyramids in Egypt. When we were there we went right inside one it was one of the scariest and rewarding experience I have ever encountered!

    1. I wish I did too LaShawn, this year just flew by!
      Thanks for commenting, I’m glad pyramids and Taj Mahal are on the top of your list because they are phenomenal!

  10. These are all great destinations! I definitely want to see the Taj Mahal and pretty much everywhere else on this list. I made it to the Great Wall last year for Chinese New Year, but unfortunately I was caught in a snow storm and I could barely see anything! I have to go back at some point. I absolutely love Peru – Cusco is my favorite city in the world. There’s something to be said about getting to Machu Picchu early in the morning and witnessing the fog dissipate. It’s unreal and definitely worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Our friends have just moved to Croatia and we’d planned to visit them anyway but this has really encouraged me.
    [Saw the Taj – stunning detail]

  12. All of these are perfect for a bucket list – they’re all on mine too!
    Croatia is the first I will be visiting this summer and I’m super excited! The waterfalls are on the list of things to do, as are the beautiful sights but apparently, their beach parties are amazing in Split too (just to add a bit more excitement in there!)

    Love, May x

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