Money is perhaps the main concern for travellers on a budget. Thankfully there’s plenty of tried and tested tips to keep you from overspending during your trip. Here are 5 things to expect whilst travelling on a budget!


Travelling on a budget: 5 things you’ll have to put up with!

1. Haggling

Most travellers learn very quickly how to master the skill of haggling when travelling. It’s necessary if you’re planning on visiting certain places in Asia and South America – street vendors, shop owners and even taxi drivers will attempt to hike up prices if they realise you’re a Western tourist.

Be kind, approachable and friendly when haggling, as many vendors will expect you to try it and are prepared to lower their prices if you try. Don’t get frustrated or angry with them, however, as it won’t get you anywhere.



2. Being clever with converting 

Be sure to research your options before flying out in terms of converting your cash. There are plenty of choices open to you, the most popular being to exchange it before you fly out. But you’re also able to take your card out with you – so long as you tell your bank first.

One idea travellers may benefit from is a prepaid travel card. These cards work in the same way as debit or credit cards but allow you to load a certain amount onto it before you go, locking in a good exchange rate whilst you can. It saves you from the worry of having to take large amounts of cash with you.


3. Cheaper accommodation 

You’re probably going to want to stay in a hostel or two during your travels. It’s undeniably the cheapest accommodation for travellers and perhaps the most popular – after all, you’ll be unable to avoid making a friend or two in the shared rooms.

Although for some it sounds like a nightmare, staying in hostels really isn’t that bad at all. They’re safe, clean, comfortable and incredibly cheap – perfect for the tourist on a budget – and, as previously mentioned, they provide an opportunity for you to find your new travel partner.



4. Daily budgeting

Consider creating a daily budget for yourself so you’re not left unexpectedly – and prematurely – out of pocket before the end of your travels. Many tourists splurge when they shouldn’t, meaning their funds run dangerously low way before they’re expected to fly home.

A daily budget will give you a clear plan of how much you can spend on certain things each day, whether it be food, accommodation or leisure. Make sure you’re leaving some spare, too – unexpected fees can arise at any time, potentially leaving you in a tricky predicament.



5. Travelling at unsociable hours

 It’s a relatively secret trick so harness it while it lasts. Flights during the night are ridiculously less expensive than peak times – sometimes you could save hundreds of dollars sacrificing some sleep in favour of paying less, as highlighted by the Secret Traveller.

This tip is especially helpful if you’re hopping from country to country on your travels – check flights in advance which will save you the most money. By doing this you’ll have a considerable amount left over to spend on other things, effectively making your budget stretch a lot further.


Do you have your own money-saving tips for fellow travellers? Leave them in the comments below.






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