Try Recipes From Around The World With These Five Apps

With travel off-limits, you may be experiencing some major wanderlust, especially when it comes to exotic cuisine. I don’t know about you but my taste buds are craving some spicy flavours of Thai and Vietnamese!

And while travel internationally at the moment (fingers crossed this changes soon), you can make delicious meals inspired by different cuisines and cultures around the world.

We all have our favourite go-to recipes, but sometimes it’s great to branch out and try new flavour combos and ingredients. If you’re looking for some unique dishes from all across the world, these apps have got plenty of ideas.


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1 . Hebbar’s Kitchen

The Hebbar’s Kitchen app offers lots of delicious indian recipes, and the majority of the recipes are vegetarian dishes. The app consists of both photo recipes and short videos. Using the Hebbar’s Kitchen app you can learn plenty of curry recipes, indian snacks, indian breakfasts, and more. There are lots of cool features to take advantage of including:

  • Search for the recipe you need using recipe names or ingredients.
  • Browse videos and create a playlist.
  • Save your favorites using the bookmark.

The app includes a range of categories including biryani recipes, dosa recipes, sambar recipes, pulao recipes, and more.

Indian Food

2 . Japanese Recipes

With the help of the Japanese Recipes app you can attempt plenty of tasty recipes, from sushi to noodles and sashimi. You can learn traditional Japanese recipes, plus western spins on Japanese food. All recipes include colorful pictures, to guide you. Choose from umami sauce, udon noodles, and miso soup. The app includes literally hundreds of soup recipes, including sukiyaki and nabe yaki. Using the app you can access plenty of features, including:

  • Use Offline: Access all your favorite recipes even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Kitchen Store: Find the recipes you want faster, add the ingredients that you already have and the app will make recipe suggestions.

Video Instructions: The app includes thousands of different videos, to help you cook tasty Japanese dishes.

This application will guide you to learn some delicious Vietnamese recipes. With these easy to follow steps, you’ll cook up a storm in no time. Here there are so many recipes to choose from. Learn how to cook Ukadi Che Modak, Pho, Tricolour Dhokla, or Mushroom Masala Dosa. Want to learn how to cook thai beef soup or flat rice noodles? Here you’ll find all this and more. For a simple way to learn vietnamese cooking, you need 150 + Vitenamese Recipes.

Nha Trang cooking class

4. Famous French Food Recipes

With the help of this free application, you can learn how to cook all the famous recipes from France. All recipes include simple guides and plenty of pictures. Here you can learn how to cook quiche Lorraine, wine-braised sauerkraut, cured pork,  Making French desserts is all about creating a smooth texture, and this app will show you how. Try the crème brulee crepe cake or the pain au chocolat? Fancy something more savoury? Why not try to make croquettes? These tasty potato and meat snacks originated in France, yet lots of different countries make their own versions. For more recipe options, check out these chicken croquettes.

With so many great cuisines to try, it’s hard to know where to start. Using these apps you’ll get plenty of inspiration to impress your dinner guests.





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