Welcome fellow wanderer!
Thanks for dropping by to see what we have been eagerly consumed in over the past few months. We are so excited to be bringing you this new creative space, one we have worked tirelessly with our designer and contributors to create.

For some, the idea of changing something people have grown to know and love is far too risky. For others, the idea of being boxed into something they no longer feel much affinity for is just a waste of time. For me, though it was (at first) my only option, which I then realised I could turn into an incredible blessing and an opportunity to create something that reflected me and my passions.

Meraki- to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.”

For those of you that don’t know I previously had an established digital space but it was time to close that chapter. So I rebranded the concept and created a site that better served my self and connected through authentic content.
I won’t lie it took me weeks( if not months) to come to terms with the rebrand. Would a shift in direction upset our already established audience? Would the to-do list be too overwhelming? Would we lose all that Google love we had acquired over the years?

It actually wasn’t until I had my logo done and a couple of other symbolic gestures did I feel truly comfortable with the name and the direction we were heading. Which is why I’ve come to realise that branding is so incredibly important in creating a consistent and likeable space. Something that may have been overlooked in previous ventures.

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So what is Kelana by Kayla you ask?

Kelana by Kayla is a celebration of travel, beauty and lifestyle. With an innate desire to explore and discover we unlock the hidden beauty, the world has to offer. Through the various countries travelled around the globe, we deliver you engaging posts reflecting our wanderer philosophy.
Kelana means wanderer in Malay. Wanderer to us means discovering the world through experience and letting go of circumstances that are out of control.

Kelana aims to be a creative space for the wanderer offering travel tips, fashion trends, beauty how to’s and spiritual guides (to name a few). With help from our contributors (specialist in their creative fields), we aim to deliver regular, relevant and engaging content to inspire, encourage and entertain.

Our branding is heavily influenced by the ocean and the elements, together with the wanderer philosophy with hope to produce a consistently beautiful creative space and seek out new ways to nourish our inner creative and enrich our lives by travelling and learning from each other.

We have also put greater effort into our newsletter. I would love it if you would join our tribe in wanderer tales. In return, I will deliver to your inbox a digital mandala print :). You will also receive a monthly wrap-up of our adventures, reviews and giveaways.

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The Kelana Collective

Who is the creative behind Kelana? Well, that’s me, Kayla 🙂 You can read about me here. I have also adopted some lovely ladies who excel in their field to contribute influential posts weekly.
I’ll introduce them in depth throughout the coming weeks or you can head to our contributor’s page.

‘Come. Create. Connect.’

If you think you would love to be involved with Kelana by Kayla, get in touch at info@kelanabykayla.com
We love collaborating with like-minded wanderers who share our passion for travel, beauty and inspiring things.




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Stay tuned as we share with you tales of our latest adventures in Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam!

Thanks to everyone for their unwavering support thus far! Intention to connection is what are all about and we are so glad you are here to share the vision.

I would love to continue to discover and connect with inspiring blogs. Comment below with a link to your space or your favourite blog so I can check them out! 🙂

Big Love,