Why you should travel solo!

Are you ready to book that flight? Ready to dive into the deep end and far out of your comfort zone? Are you yearning to re-connect to
YOU, to find balance, or perhaps a new and enlightened perspective?

Are you craving pure adventure and rich cultural encounters?

I whole-heartedly believe in the POWER of travel, I have experienced the waves of clarity and pure happiness felt when I get to explore the world. I believe exploring and learning about other cultures makes us better people. And I believe doing it SOLO opens up a whole new world, heightening each experience and teaching you things you will treasure forever.

Maybe your not quite ready but with so many solo female travel destinations and the encouragement below I promise you will be after this post!


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Why you should travel solo!

I have travelled my entire life,  from a very young age we used school holidays to jet off to Bali or where ever had the cheapest flights ?  I grew up appreciating Asian culture (my heritage) and it really fuelled my desire for those big trips I knew I would take on my ‘gap’ year. I have travelled with family, friends, and partners and each adventure has been a great experience but what I’ve realised is this- I am the best me when I travel ALONE.

I experience the most when I am wandering aimlessly without an itinerary. I say yes more, I engage with more people and in turn am never really alone. I get more involved with the culture and locals. I’m happiest when I’m living outside my comfort zone, travel has enriched my life by allowing me to roam freely and bask in the natural beauty that each amazing country has to offer.

It has taught me how capable I am, how lucky I am, to be fiercely open-minded and above all to be happy, happy in the moment that is right there in front of you.

1.You learn so much about yourself

Travel is an opportunity to de-armor and question all that has been stopping you. What limited you in the past is about to become irrelevant. Without even realizing you slowly start treading with a different mind-set.

You are open and free and your greatest pleasure is to constantly push yourself. To experience new things and to say yes. There is a clarity that comes from being 5,000 miles away from everything familiar and all of the things that influence decisions, has completely changed.

Travel brings you challenges and opportunities and lets you discover who you are in only a way such an experience could do. Are you ready?

You soon won’t recognise yourself and it will be extraordinary!

2. It’s not as scary as you think

All of the worries and anxiety you initially had when you set foot on the plane will disappear the moment you reach your destination. While you should always practice a certain level of caution no matter where you are in the world, you’ll discover for yourself that the world isn’t just what you see in the movies or on the news.

Travel boosts your self-confidence and curiosity and teaches you to be carefree(not to be mistaken for careless!)

3. You become a better Traveller

Travelling alone makes you a better observer of people and places around you, which in turn has the power to make you more compassionate and genuinely curious in knowing more about the cultures you basking in. Being alone also allows you the time to properly document and reflect on your travels.

You become a better planner, organisers and negotiator! You learn many tips and tricks because you are pretty much-doing everything for yourself!

4. And learn to love your own company

Being alone and feeling lonely are two completely different things. Learning how to spend quality time with yourself is a huge factor in your own self-worth, and solo travel forces you to do just that.

5. You become a yes man and get to jump out of your comfort zone

It’s often hard to push ourselves when we’re in our daily routine. Travel helps to get you out of your comfort zone, and forces you to be more self and culturally aware. You become fearless, and start the journey of becoming a yes man, where you want to constantly try new things, know new things and see new things.

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6. You learn more about cultures

Travelling solo helps you be fully immersed in your surroundings. You develop a sense of curiosity and become fascinated with the awe-inspiring buildings, people, food, architect,  landscape, and language! You will become obsessed with finding new places to explore, you might even have a ‘places you need to see in your lifetime‘ bucket list!

7. You learn to appreciate the little things

Hot water. Clean drinking water. A comfy bed. I bet you don’t even think twice about these things on the reg. After you’ve camped in a village of Northern Thailand with no running water or been homeless in Milan because you can’t access bank funds, you will soon learn to appreciate the small things in life.

A local who has next to nothing, yet offering you food and presents with the biggest smile on their face and pure happiness in their voice? Really brings you back down to earth!

8. And not to sweat the small stuff

It just doesn’t compare. And quite frankly most of the time it really doesn’t matter that much. Instead, you learn to breathe deeply and let go.

9. You make lifelong friends!

Meeting like-minded travellers from all over the world is such a blessing! These people become life long friends! The best bit? You don’t need to be with them the entire journey, you can meet up when you please, and venture solo when it’s best for you!

10. And your life will be changed forever

Solo travel is damn empowering! It makes you feel like you can do anything. You not only have dozen new skills up your sleeve you now also have a shift in attitude, one that allows you to believe in your own power and abilities! Venturing out alone renews your spirit in the most positive way.

It changes your energy, your perspective of the world, the way you view others and the way you view yourself.

You become a more fearless, more confident and more comfortable in your own skin! Now that’s an adventure!

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20 thoughts on “Why you should travel solo!

  1. I have never traveled solo, but my sister has been all over the world by herself. I always think she’s so brave when she goes off to places l like south Africa and Thailand by herself.

  2. It’s not easy to take the decision to travel solo but it’s worth it. You are absolutely right. It can change your whole life 🙂

  3. I can honestly say I have never traveled by myself. You can glean some insights about yourself with some alone time. I will have to think about this.

  4. This is a great post and a good reminder that we need to take time for ourselves! I am one that does not like to travel alone mostly because I work from home and I’m alone a lot, but these are some great reasons for traveling alone!

  5. I really enjoy traveling solo. You get to do what you want and see what you want, without worrying if you’re boring someone else or rushing to do what they want to do.

  6. Wow! I am very impressed with your independence and love the freedom you have! I have wanted to get away by myself, but my family won’t let me. They always ask “What’s wrong? What did we do?” One day I can hopefully get away by myself.
    I love your photos! 🙂

  7. As a mom to 5 young kids I do not see time alone to pee, or an exotic vacation! I will have to live vicariously through your pictures.

  8. Traveling solo is something I should do just to get away from it all and enjoy it. Maybe someday..

  9. I’ve never traveled alone. I plan to once my kids are older or if I can get someone to watch them that I trust. Your tips are perfect. I would have to travel with phone but I would drop everything else.

  10. I like traveling solo. I’ve done that twice already. The last trip I got scared a little because I got sick on my way home.

  11. Having gone on several press trips, I am always traveling solo. You learn that you can deal with pretty much everything! It’s empowring.

  12. I have been backpacking solo twice and liked it 🙂 you learn so much about yourself.

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