Why You Should Try New Food

There is nothing wrong with sticking to foods and drinks that you enjoy. Food is a pleasurable thing to eat even if it is just fuel. If you want to be able to enjoy what you’re eating however, it can lead to you being stuck in a rut of all the things you like to eat. This can lead you to stop trying new foods because you’re scared it may not be something you enjoy. 

What would you do if you found a great recipe for fried okra but you turned away from it because you didn’t know what it tasted like? You’d be turning yourself away from one of the best foods you can have a try! Below, we have all of the reasons why you should try new food and be brave.


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You could discover a new favourite

 You might think that your favorite food is what it is right now, but unless you try something new how do you know? What is your favorite food? Think about what pops into your head when that question is asked to you, and then consider how many foods you have actually tried. We are not saying that you have to try every single food in the world to know what your favorite food is, but you should always at least try one bite of something new if you’re going to expect others to try it too.

You shouldn’t judge

You shouldn’t judge. One of the best reasons you should try new food is because you shouldn’t judge a food until you try it. You may not have tried pumpkin before, but that doesn’t mean that pumpkin is gross. You may not have tried mussels before, but just because they look a certain way doesn’t mean they taste a certain way. You should make assumptions about something without trying it.

You open your eyes and discover.

You open your eyes and discover. There are so many different cultures and cuisines out there, but you really shouldn’t say no to a new food until you’ve literally tasted it. Indian, Chinese, Italian – all of these foods are so much more than just what you find in your local takeaway. Open your eyes and discover new foods that you would not have ordered off of your standard menu

You’ll be setting a good example.

You’ll be setting a good example. If you are raising children, it’s even more important for you to be trying new food. You’ve probably already done that parenting thing where you ask them to try just a bite, just a bite. Are you trying just to bite or do you just expect the kids to do it? Show them that it’s exciting to try new foods and that it’s perfectly okay to not enjoy them. If you try something and you don’t enjoy it, at least you can be sure that you don’t enjoy it.

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It’s good to be bold!

It’s good to be bold. When you say no to a new food you may say no to anything. If you can’t be brave when it comes to putting one bite of a new food in your mouth, how can you guarantee you’ll be brave in your career or in your personal life or in your social life? Don’t limit yourself.

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